Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We're shopping around for a baby to love...

...and last  night Lee found one that I told him I wanted to bring home! Isn't she cute? We got her on sale--she was discounted because she doesn't nap and likes  to eat things off the floor :-P

Lee thought it'd be funny to  push Brielle around in the shopping cart and "chase" Raya. Let's just say Raya  was not at all amused.

I'll end with a few things I'm thankful for, since Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I've not been good about remembering to include my thankful posts every day on here!

1) I'm thankful that everyone is coming over to our house tomorrow for lunch, and that we now live close enough to actually have things like this at our place! I'm also thankful that  everyone else is doing the cooking, because even though I have to clean house today at least I'm not trying to cook a turkey! All I had to bring was fruit---picked up a fruit tray at the store today and now I'm set ;-)

2) I'm thankful that Brielle is a happy, thriving baby! Of course every mom thinks her kids are the smartest and most adorable, but mine really are! :-) Brielle has been doing lots of new "tricks" lately. She  can stand on her own now! I first discovered this when she pulled up on Raya's bedroom door and when I opened the door she continued to just stand there, not holding on to anything! And now (if she's in the mood) I can stand her in the middle of the room and she'll stand there for 5 seconds or so. Such a big girl! She is also "dancing" now....pretty much only her head dances, but it's so cute. She'll shake her head side to side and giggle along with the music. I'm going to try to take her 10 month pictures with sock monkey  this afternoon (b/c I"m sure she'll wake up from her nap after 20 minutes lol)....I've decided that as long as her monthly photos get done during the right month it's all good---we've pretty much given up hope of taking them on the actual day :-P

3) I'm thankful for my health. My rheumatoid arthritis had really flared up after having Brielle---after kind of being in remission for a couple years--and that was a big bummer. But things settled way down the last  couple months. So  much so that I'm supposed to take medicine daily and have such a hard time remembering because I'm not in pain during the day to make me even think of it! So yay for that :-)

4) I'm thankful for being able to bring in some money even while staying home with the girls--best of both worlds! We don't *need* my money  to survive, because obviously if we did I never would have quit my job. But it sure is nice that I can stay home with the girls and still bring in a little money to help out and feel like I can splurge on things from time to time. My Etsy shop has been doing so so well lately---it makes me very happy! Get this the last 7 days I have done just barely under $500 worth of sales. Amazing! Clearly it's a time of year when people are buying so I don't consistently bring in that much weekly, but it sure does help out with my xmas shopping this time of year.  I also babysit my neice and nephew on Mondays,  and as of now the plan is that I'm going to start watching Sawyer and Harper's cousin (from their other side of the family) after he is born this  spring--3 days a week. I  graduated with Emily's brother and he is having a boy in March, so in April we'll likely have some boy cooties over here ;-) It'll  be good  practice for when we have our third and final baby---which as  of now I am in absolutely no hurry to have!!!!

5) I'm thankful for the pumpkin muffin that I'm eating right  now--impulse buy when I went to the store today for the above mentioned fruit tray. Yum :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. hehe so cute!
    Those are great things to be thankful for

    Have a great Thanksgiving at your house tomorrow


  2. Hey, did I know you had RA? I can't remember if we "bonded" over that... I have it too. So glad to hear you've been feeling well. I had to go back on meds a month ago and I still have flares every once in a while... mostly in my feet. But, it's so much better than in the past, so I'm thankful too! Enjoy your turkey day!

  3. Adorable!

    How fun that you get to host Thanksgiving! I would love that if our family lived closer to us. It will be nice for you to not have to haul the girls all over.

    Have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!

  4. Haha, LOVED the intro to this post! :) & Good luck tomorrow hosting your dinner! Enjoy that pumpkin muffin. yumm! :) Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. I can just hear Raya say no Dada as he is chasing her with Brielle!!!I'm also thankful for having everyone home again!!!!Very thankful that your hosting today!!!!
    Grama F


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