Monday, November 28, 2011

What a mess!!!

So as I alluded in my previous update, last night we had a major catastrophe! Lee was watching the girls while I was sewing and he had them blocked off in the living room with the baby gate/playyard. Well when he left to go into the kitchen to make Brielle a bottle Raya tried to get out of the gated off area by pushing over the playyard and it knocked over our tall floor lamp, which then shattered the glass globe ALL OVER THE UPSTAIRS! I swear it looked like enough glass that it could have been 5 lamps---I have no idea how one lamp made so much glass! It was all in the carpet all over the hardwood floors, and even had slid over the staircase to the basement below! What a nightmare. We had to get the girls in bed and then vacuum about 6 times and sweep and then still  wear shoes in the house now because we can't be certain we got it all! Oy.

In other news though, our upstairs looks so pretty and festive :-) I got some lighted garland for the banister and I  have my little trees in the dining room to hold me over until we go get our main tree.

Today during  morning nap the  big  kids did winter  crafts :-) First we did egg carton snowmen! They kids used chalk to draw a winter wonderland scene and then picked out ribbon and poms to decorate the snowman. I glued everything on just the way they wanted and presto--cute snowmen pictures! They even have hats and little straw arms :-P

I had them name the snowmen and I wrote it down for them. Sawyer named his "ala kazam kazoo" and "the witch" ...Raya named hers "little  girl" and "Raya" hehe. It's hard sometimes because we often forget that Raya is more than a year younger than Sawyer, but times like this you really notice the age difference because Raya just couldn't grasp the concept of "naming" something lol. And what really made me laugh and laugh was that after Sawyer declared his snowman to be "ala kazam kazoo" he looked at Raya and said "Raya, I think you should name your snowman 'Henry'"  hahahaha....I just  love that *his* snowman got a very elaborate name and then the next name he though of was "Henry" :-)

Then we also made christmas tree ornaments with foam stickers

New fav outfit alert! Raya is so hard to fit for jeans and I love the  idea of "jeggings" but the ones for toddlers are usually not *real* jeggings...they are more like leggings just printed with a jean-like pattern or something. Well Target has REAL jeggings that are super cool, but in big girl sizes. So I bought her a size 4 in the big girl and just rolled them up...they worked perfectly! And her dress was a $4 clearance from Target. I wish I had taken a picture of her standing b/c it got a elastic waist so it "balloons" at the top and it's so stinkin' cute!

Lastly, don't all fight over who is going to stay overnight as guests first! Lee created a guest bedroom in our storage area the other night haha. So far his parents have just slept on a mattress on the floor out by our fireplace when they've come b/c we don't have a designated guest room, but our storage room is big enough for a bed so Lee created one---doesn't  it look super inviting?! ;-)  Lee plans to evenutally dry wall  this so it'll work great, but for now it's a little scary looking haha. At least it's toasty warm and has carpet!

Oh, and I tell ya, that *other* Aunt (Megan's sister) continues to one up me--she figured out how to get the picture of Ryan off her phone and onto the computer! :-) This was one I hadn't seen yet---isn't he sweet? You can't see his hair in this one though--I tell ya, the boys get all the hair! hehe

That's  all  for today!


  1. Does Brielle try to get the garland on the banister and the little trees in the dining room?

    Those are cute winter/Christmas projects. I might have to borrow one for Gianna tomorrow :)

    The "guest room" cracks me up ;)

  2. Congrats on the new nephew! It's always fun when you get a new member of the family!

    I have made the same comment to Joel about broken glass before... the shards equal about 3x the original amount of glass! Crazy! Glad no one got hurt!

  3. Love the snow men craft!!!! The name thing made me smile!!! I tell dad all the time, we forget Raya is a full year younger, she tries sooo hard to do everything Sawyer does!! Congrats on the new nephew,what a sweetie!!!
    Grama F

  4. I hate to tell you this but it doesn't get any better. Jacob (who is 11) knocked over our living room lamp about 6 months ago and I had the same mess!

    Amy Marcov

  5. Oh no! I feel your pain---it really was awful cleaning that glass up!!!



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