Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today is one of those days when I wish I could sleep all day--it's cold and rainy and cloudy--yuck. Unfortunately I *can't* sleep all  day because Brielle wakes up at 5am (thanks to whoever invented the whole time change thing) and then right as she falls back to sleep around 7am Raya wakes up. Great timing girls.

The plus side? We were in town shopping for groceries by 9am. Did you know Walmart is really dead that early? Maybe we'll have to start getting groceries that early all the time. Or not.

To make up for my early mornings I *should* be going to sleep extra early, but instead I've been working on Etsy orders. (Insert my reminder about my GIVEAWAY here--yeah, check out  my previous entries  for details.) Actually, I"m staying most busy with wholesale orders for the mall. I have like 6 turkey shirts to make and ship out by Monday, so that'll  keep me busy! It's  nice having consistent wholesale  orders though since the  competition on Etsy is so strong anymore.

What else? Well now that it's  November  I can't stop thinking about Christmas haha. I've been "pinning" some ideas for Raya for Christmas. Wanna see  some of my ideas for her? Check out my Pinterest board for Raya HERE

...and my favorite board to "pin" on---inspiration for  the girls' wardrobes LOL...check it out HERE

Sorry, my pins are as close to pictures as you're gonna get today :-)

To end, today I'm thankful for groceries. Yes, groceries. I'm thankful that today I was able to take the girls grocery shopping and buy whatever we wanted without wondering if we could afford it. Sometimes we take for granted the fact that we can afford food, we don't go to bed hungry, we can splurge on "treats" when we want, we don't need to rely on public  assistance, we can buy fresh fruits and veggies, etc. etc. When I was as the store I  saw another mom and toddler there and it appeared they were struggling. Raya (and Brielle) are rarely told no and while I know that as they grow we'll have to do our best to keep from spoiling them rotten, I am thankful that we can.


  1. Loved the girls' wardrobes on pinterest! And it is always good to be thankful for what one has :)... Hope to see pictures of the girls tomorrow they are so adoreable

  2. Great ideas on pinterest!!! If you hated yesterdays weather, wait until today!!!
    Grama F

  3. I just found you through another blog "It Is What It Is." GREAT to find other Iowa bloggers! I'd love to add you to the list of Iowa bloggers on my site, if you're interested!


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