Monday, December 5, 2011

4 kids...officially too many!

So my last entry talked about 1 versus 2 kids....and today I'm hear to tell you that I don't  know about 3 kids, but 4 kids is officially too many for me I think! haha. Four kids are doable on occasion, but you won't find me birthing 4 of my own any time soon LOL

See exhibit A:

In Brielle's defense, while Sawyer was nicely posing with *his* younger sibling...

...Raya was doing *this* to her sibling :-P

In other news, under the coffee table continues to be a highly covetted spot :-P

Today I realized that Harper always missed out on the tutu fun, so we let her be a princess for awhile too!

She pulled the tutu up over her head lol

Raya had major problems *sharing* the tutu and wings. She isn't great at sharing her things!

The craziest thing about having 4 kids---the mess they can  create in mere seconds!

Out of the 4, these 2 are by far the strangest in the bunch :-P

I appologize for not updating yesterday, but  Raya was still at Lee's parents' (she had a great time!) and Brielle was actually with *my* parents yesterday, so I  was kidless and went out and  finished my Christmas shopping--yay :-) No pictures to be taken though--gasp.

To  end today, my mom has been wanting to see the pictures I took for Emily for her Christmas card photoshoot, and since she has now sent the cars out I figure I'm safe to share them. She only used one picture, but here are a bunch from that day...enjoy Grandma :-P

This is the one she used on the card...cute right? Too bad
my own kids wouldn't pose this nicely lol

And for fun...

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. haha poor Brielle, Kaylee does the same thing with Keira and she wants no part of it! Very cute pictures of Saywer and Harper!


  2. Poor Brielle!!! :)

  3. OMG!!!!!! I love the pics you took of Sawyer and Harper,I'll have you order all of those for me!!!!Poor Raya, she is just tring to love on Brielle!!!!
    Grama F

  4. Haha, the picture of Raya and Brielle is hilarious. Such a loving big sister! 4 kids, yikes! They're all adorable though :)


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