Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Baby Bop shirt saga

Let me first say that  you simply do not mess with a Mama and her special "Santa" gift! :-P

Settle in for a long have been warned :-P

So as you probably know, all Raya wants for Christmas consistantly is a "baby bop shirt  with name on it" LOL. Now I don't think that  Raya fully grasps the concept of  Santa quite yet, but she is very excited to get this shirt and when you ask her  what  Santa is  bringing she always says this. So as a mom, very excited about Raya's first  Christmas being able  to actually ask for something, it was very important to me to find the perfect Baby Bop shirt!

I looked high and low and finally found  one I liked on Etsy. By the time I upgraded to a long sleeve shirt and paid  shipping we're  talking a $30 shirt, so  I expected it to be  good! I contacted  the seller before I purchased to clarify the brand of shirt she was using so that  I could pick the appropriate size. She told me she used Target Cherokee brand shirts and I was happy with that, because I've used them before and they are cute and high quality. I told her  I  needed a "4T", thinking that  even though Raya is only a 3T she could get more use  out of the shirt this way. The seller never  responded saying this size would be a problem.

Fast forward almost 3 weeks (I knew it would take this long---just making a point that she had plenty of time to contact me :-P) and I finally get the shirt. I  ran and hid  in the bathroom to open the shirt  up because I  was so excited to see  it and didn't want Raya to know about it :-) Well I open it up and although the shirt  was very cute (just embroidery machine, so hard for the lady to mess it up I guess) it was made on a YOUTH size 4/5 shirt! So needless to say a youth 4/5 shirt is much too big for Raya. I was  so bummed.

I wrote the Etsy seller  a very nice email saying that I wasn't  asking to return the  item or get my money back, because I really needed this shirt on Christmas  so that Raya was not disappointed, but I jsut wanted to make sure she realized that a toddler 4T shirt is *not* the same thing as a youth size 4/5 shirt, so that  she knew for future customers. I thought maybe somehow she honestly didn't  know they weren't the same.

Well she writes me back  a super snotty reply saying that  I don't need to educate her  on children's sizing because she  has 5 kids of her own, and she held the youth 4/5 up to a 4T short sleeve shirt she  had (she didn't have  any  4T long sleeve shirts) and she claims they were *exactly* the same size. I don't  believe this for a second...we aren't  talking a 4T versus a 4....we are talking a youth 4/5! But  still, she compared the shirt to a *short* sleeve shirt she had, so she couldn't compare the sleeve  length, which is one thing that  is especially too long! She  said  she never would have sent the 4/5 if she wasn't  confident  it was  exactly the same thing.

Anyways, I was so annoyed  by her  snotty reply that I left her neutral feedback on Etsy saying that she  had  substituted a size for me without asking (true). She was completely  unprofessional and then left  *me* neutral feedback as a buyer saying I complained without cause basically. This is annoying because  now buyers in my store see that I have neutral feedbacks even though it has nothing to do with how awesome a SELLER I am. As a buyer I should have gotten positive feedback from her because I paid on time and did everything a buyer needs to do. Oh well, at least it still  shows that I have 100% positive feedback because neutral doesn't count against you.

So I guess if you are in the market for a Baby Bop shirt make sure you ask me who to avoid! I won't be as snotty as her and publicly call out her store on my blog LOL...but regardless of her opinion about how comparable the sizes were I just can't believe a seller would send a customer something that was *not* what I ordered and then stand behind the substitution without even so much as an apology! I myself have at times had to ask customers if they were OK with a substitution but I would never dream of doing it without asking!

Luckily Raya will still love the shirt and won't know it's too big. And I might try to shrink it some (although I'm nervous b/c this seller didn't even prewash the shirt first---it still  has the store tag attached! I always prewash my shirts so that they don't shrink unevenly with the applique and buckle. I'm worried if I try to shrink this shirt the baby bop with get all bumpy and buckle.)

Baby Bop and I will get our revenge some day! haha :-P

PS....Brielle puked again last night but nothing since  7pm and so far today everyone has been feeling pretty good! Hopefully we're OK now until Christmas!!!!!


  1. that totally sucks and how rude of her! glad to hear the girls are feeling a little better, fingers crossed no more throwing up!

  2. I also had a situation today where someone was completely rude (via email) for no reason what-so-ever!

    People sometimes.....

    You're right though, it's nice Raya is young enough that she'll go through the roof at the sight of Baby Bop! She'll never know what her Mama went through.... :)

  3. You should... you absolutely should trash her etsy shop on your blog... with name and all. She is completely in the wrong here. She should have asked you before. And you were being nice! I would have left a negative feedback.
    That really stinks... so sorry!

  4. Yeah, the *only* reason I didn't leave negative feedback is because I predicted she would be mean and leave me negative feedback in retaliation and I didn't want that ruining my perfect Etsy feedback. I think it's wrong that my buyer feedback affects my seller feedback because it stops me from leaving honest feedback for others! So I left her neutral feedback, and as predicted she left the same for me :-/


  5. Wow, that's unbelievable. And you're right-- if she had just contacted/asked you about it, it would have been no problem, but her rudeness makes it unacceptable.

    I hope Raya loves it anyway. I know the feeling of wanting to fulfill their special Christmas wish-- I just wish Cael's hadn't been ANOTHER train!

  6. Some people over react to much & take things as a personal attack, instead of honestly being constructive criticism. Im sorry! that is to much stress this close to Christmas. Part of me says you should take a pic of raya in 4 toddler shirt...same brand...then in the baby bop shirt just so she knows. GRR! OH well I guess, some people can never be pleased. Atleast she can grow into it and its not to small :D

  7. Ugh, that is so rude. I wish you could have left negative feedback for everyone else to see and I can't believe she had the nerve to write feedback on your store. I'm just starting to shop on Etsy, but I hope I never buy from her!


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