Monday, December 19, 2011

Cancelled--pukefest instead of regularly scheduled programming

So today Sawyer and Harper did not come over. Why? Because Raya woke up around 2am in the morning crying that owl pillow was covered in puke, and then Lee and I spend the rest of the night enjoying round after round of vomit. Oh joy.

By morning Raya had stopped puking  thankfully, but then her  fever spiked to 102.6 and she was very lifeless. So pitiful.

She asked to go to bed  and slept for over 2 hours and then when she woke up she seemed to be feeling quite a bit better. She was able to play awhile  in the afternoon and then by evening her fever was back up a little and she was whining a lot, so she watched a movie and then went to bed. Hopefully she wakes up tomorrow feeling even better!

My poor house is ready for a day of peace. If you aren't a mom or haven't had a puking toddler then maybe you can't understand how your living room can look like this:

Lee camped out on the floor in a sleeping bag, I cuddled Raya (and her  germs) on the couch, off and on with  dealing with a fussy Brielle, and the rubbermaid container? Our puke bucket for a toddler  with poor  aim :-P

But my baby girl, she's one tough cookie for sure! Look at that smile I got this afternoon---bless her heart

She was even feeling well enough to ham it up for the camera  a little bit.

And Miss Brielle? Well  she seemed pretty happy most of the day, yay for that!

She likes to throw her head back and squeal right now LOL

The words "no no" mean nothing to her

Yesterday bloggy mom Mrs. Mommy did an awesome tot school update on her blog and even though I didn't plan anything cool like she did I *did* think about getting out some cupcake tins today when the girls were playing with their Jenga blocks. I showed them how to do 1-to-1 placement and also build towers in the openings, etc. Brielle wasn't too impressed, but Raya did have some fun with it!

And lastly, Lee and I got a kick out of the "M&M chocolate chunk" cookie he brought home today. Can you spot the one and only "chunk" ? lol Talk about skimpy!


  1. My poor sick girls!! Everybody needs to get better fast!!!!Santa's coming!!!!!!

  2. That was my house on Saturday!! Mariah got sick Saturday evening and seemed to be completely fine immediately afterwards. Meanwhile, it took me a full two days to feel better. What's up with that?!

    Hope everyone feels better tomorrow!

  3. Aww I hope miss raya feels better soon. It's NO fun when their sick. I guess I'm lucky that I've never had to deal with puke feat with kaylee. Feel better soon raya, Santa is coming

  4. Poor Raya. Feel better soon! I don't look forward to the puke fests. I love how kids get so excited over the little things. Like a cupcake pan. It makes planning for Tot School much easier when you can use little things around the house and they are completely amazed by it AND learning necessary skills. Thank goodness for other mom's being on the ball because I'm pretty much just going to use all their ideas. Oh by the way, love Brielle's new sweater outfit! I love that color too :)

  5. Oh, poor girl! I hope you don't catch it-- miraculously I never did at Thanksgiving when it made the rounds through our family. Good luck! I hope she wakes up back to normal.


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