Monday, December 12, 2011

Did ya miss me?

I'm baaaaack! :-) We had a wonderful long  weekend in Ohio visiting our new nephew/cousin Ryan! I will do  an longer update  with all  the details of our trip and lots of pictures later, but  right now it's 3am and we got home about an hour ago, and I'm up with Raya watching Mickey Mouse because she's a little off schedule lol---so here are a few highlights of our fun

Megan attempted some timer pictures of us all (Lee's dad didn't come)...
don't you love how Raya maintains her very cheesy smile?!

The happy family

Just so Megan and Shawn know, this is what the cute little family pictures look
like down the road LOL

I was giving Lee a hard time saying this is what our family picture might look like down the road (3 kids)
....although it's probably the closest he'll ever get to having a son! haha.   ...and please excuse
the fact that  I am the only  one who hadn't had a chance to get ready for the day after a 10 hour car ride!

Grandma H with all her grandkids!

At first I was all "awwww...I want another tiny baby to cuddle right away!"
....and then after about a day I was all "seriously, now I remember how much work newborns are!"

A beautiful moment between cousins---with a creepy Lee in the background lol
The thing I miss most about having a newborn though? How much fun I have doing baby "glamour shots" !! hehe...they just lay there, don't do goofy smiles, don't crawl  it helps to have such a cute  subject :-)  I think the general consensus now that  Ryan's "newborn" look has gone and you can start to tell more what  he really looks like is that he looks like daddy! He has mommy's nose but I think daddy's  eyes and everything below the nose looks like Shawn too. ....but I guess Megan is who he gets the head full of hair from!

So enjoy my fav pics of Ryan ...


  1. What a cutie!!!!!!! I just love his hair!!! You and Lee would make an adorable little boy too!!!! I'm up because I hav not slept all night!!! Mega cold, going to doctor as soon as they open!!
    Love, Grama F

  2. He is so cute! Love the picture of Raya kissing him. And it looks like Lee in the background is just cringing and hoping she'll be gentle, haha. Glad you had a great time!

  3. cute pics! I love Brielle's sock monkey outfit, Ryan's reindeer hat, and Raya's striped sweater.


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