Friday, December 30, 2011

Fashion Friday--Pumpkin Patch brand

Who's totally excited  for my second installment of Fashion Friday?! :-P Up this week we have Pumpkin Patch -- this brand originated  in New Zealand and I  feel like  it  does have that  sort of flare. I don't  know of any actual stores near me, but your higher end department stores (Von Maur, probably Macys, etc.) carry it. Anyways, it's a pricier  brand, but  if you watch  for sales you can find stuff for under $20. Or just splurge :-) They actually are  having  a sale online right now  and it's free shipping until  midnight tonight, so go check  it out!

Although Pumpkin Patch sells all sorts of shirts, dresses, pants, etc. I  personally love their sweaters best. I feel  like their sweaters do stand out from the run of the mill sweaters, and they are always SO SOFT. I'd swear their sweaters are dry clean only  if I didn't  know any better....they feel too delicate to wash, even though you can. That's my favorite thing about them. So for Christmas I stumbled  across this Pumpkin Patch sweater on clearance and I just had to get it for Brielle--I knew the blue would look  so good on her, and I was right!

I  have  found that their stuff (sweaters at least) run big, so  don't size up. Brielle  is wearing a 12-18 month here, and it's pretty big. I wanted it to fit for  awhile though so  it works! The other  sweaters I've  had in this brand ran large too.

You can feel  the quality people :-)

And just  for good measure, remember when my girls and niece Harper all had their  matching sweaters last Easter? Yeah, those  were Pumpkin Patch too!

Click to enlarge

So there's my  plug for  this  Friday! Hey, maybe some day my blog will be super  famous and I'll have kid's clothing companies contacting me to do reviews of free products! Ya know, my girls *are* awesome spokeschildren--hint hint ;-)

Now for some misc is my girl just loving  a photoshoot w ith  Mama

And it's nothing fancy, but  Raya  did enjoy  wearing her  run of the mill Target outfit t he other  day!

On to my next fashion related plug, check out some more cute  models of my Etsy shop creations! I was sent this adorable picture of a brother/sister pair wearing their Christmas shirts...

And my bloggy friend over  at Mrs Mommy had her daughter's one year pics taken in her snowman outfit--can you say stinkin' adorable?!

She was also nice enough to send me a picture  of Kyla and her nieces wearing their matching tree fun!

Ok, next up is a PS to last week's Fashion Friday--Raya modeling another of her Naartjie outfits! Check out last Friday's post for Naartjie details :-) Love love lovin' this  outfit people!

The deer is  covered in sparkly gems and the shirt ruffle wrap around...oh yeah :-) You can't  see the little ruffles on the  side of the ankles...Raya wasn't modeling very well  today unfortunately

I <3 Fashion Fridays :-)

And to end, a bunch of random pictures lol. First, the  headboard  is finished! Well, we still need  to get some white wood filler to cover the nail holes, but otherwise it's done. I think I'm going to maybe get vinyl lettering to put their  names above their  headboards eventually....but I"m loving the way the headboad came out and when Brielle's gets put up the tree is going to be sitting proudly inbetween and it's just  going to be perfect!

Some day  we'll get  around to painting the bedside table LOL

I'm glad  we introduced brown to the color scheme with the tree trunk  too, b/c now  Mr. Owl doesn't
look so outta place! And guess what  Brielle is getting for her birthday?! Yep! A brown monkey pillow
exactly like Raya's owl one!
Brielle is so super  excited  to get bigger and  old enough to move into  the room with  Raya!

Tonight  Raya  had  fun helping Daddy play  with his remote control helicopter Christmas gift. He  was launching it  from the top of her head and she just loved  it! She kept saying "more dada, more!"

Goodnight  everyone :-)


  1. Very cute sweater! And it does make her eyes pop.

    The headboard looks good

    Jason's mom bought one of those helicopters for the 3 boys & Jason's younger brother was flying it & it hit the table & bounced off & hit kaylee right in the face. It sliced her lip & she got two cuts on her face.

  2. Oh no! Yeah, I keep thinking that'll happen to Raya soon. She always wants to chase it and Lee isn't the best pilot!

  3. I love the tree decal! I don't think I could pull it off in the boys' room, but I think it looks great in your house!!

  4. Brielle and Sam are ment to be best friends! The have the same coats, and now I see that they have the same ballerina monkey Pj's! LOL. Their mom's must know what cute clothes look like! We've got pix of matching coats, do we need matching Pj's pix too? LOL. Another playdate soon?

  5. Cute clothes!!!!! I know the target outfit is nothing special but it sure is cute!! I would like one of those sweaters like Brielles, do they make adults!!!! The girls room is going to be sooooo cute!!!
    Love,Grama F


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