Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fashion Friday!!! Up today--Naartjie

Yeah, yeah, it's only Thursday :-P But  tomorrow starts a long line of Christmas parties etc. for us and so I know I'll  be too busy to post tomorrow. Welcome to my new weekly blog segment--Fashion Friday! You all know how much I  LOVE children's clothing, so from now on I'm going to designate Fridays as the  day I share new clothes, brands, wishlist items, sales, etc. with you. I'll also "pimp" some of my Etsy designs on Fridays from time to time and maybe  even share some fashion for adults too! (ya  know, if I happen to actually  shop for myself :-P)

Here's a sneak  peek  for  today

Man, she's so adorable  isn't  she? :-)
I feel the need  to preface Fashion Friday with this justification--yes, I know many many people think children's clothing is a waste of money. Sure, you can wear a basic colored tshirt and leggings every day and still be warm and presentable to the world. I get that, I really do. If you are one of those people then I  fully  understand that  you may think I'm ridiculous for  wasting time and money dressing my girls the way I do. But to that I say "hey, this is *my* hobby of sorts!" :-) For real, I  have so much fun window shopping for the girls and "pinning" clothes I will never  afford for them on Pinterest lol. From time to time I splurge on something extra cute or I take the time to make them something special. It's something I enjoy! There are many people I know who choose  to spend money on eating out, going to movies, clothing for themselves, gym memberships, hunting, expensive sports like skiing and golf, pimping out their  cars, buying jewlery, getting their  hair and nails done, etc.  etc. etc. I don't  do those things--instead my guilty pleasure  is kid's clothes. So I guess my point is to each their  own---I  don't understand why anyone would spend money to get their  nails done or buy a new car ....I  don't  understand why Lee spends money on hunting licenses and  equipment just  to sit in the cold for 3 days and not shoot  a deer lol....and you may not understand why  I can't  just buy a handful of Carter's clothing for the girls  and call  it a day ;-)  But  I can't!

And now I  introduce you to my  new FAVORITE children's  clothing brand---Naartjie

I've been in love  with this brand forever---it's exactly what I love (wild fabric  combos, ruffle pants and shirts, crazy accessories, etc. etc..)...and you guys, it's not even expensive!!! If you shop the sale section you actually can find stuff  cheaper than Target. Seriously. The reason I've never bought anything in the past is because there are no actual stores anywhere  near  me....and I wasn't sure how the sizing ran and it made to nervous to buy online for that reason. 

Well  the other day I found the above  outfit  on ebay for CHEAP. It was a size 4 so I got it and figured I'd use it to figure out sizing for future online purchases. Well  it arrived and it's SO  CUTE...don't you think?! It's big though. I  have to roll the sleeves and the pants drag on the ground. So anyways, I  ended up ordering a couple new outfits  from the online store (great sales going on!) and I ordered size hopefully the sizing is consistent and it all  fits! If not I figured Brielle could wear them next year. They do have infant sizes but  I haven't bought Brielle anything yet. I  think these ruffle pants, etc.  look cutest on walkers :-)

I  will definitely post pictures of Raya modeling when her new outfits  arrive! For now here is some random girl modeling 2 of the 3 outfits I got her.

Raya's is an aqua color. The ruffles on the shirt go  all  the way around  on the butt and
there are ruffles on the side of the leggings too :-) The pants were only $6 and the s hirt was $12 I think. So almost cheaper than Target!

This outfit I got in a pink/maroon color. I liked  the color shown but the pant color wasn't  available  in Raya's size and I  wanted  the  matching set. This dress was only $9!

I love the  ears on the hood :-)
The thing to keep in mind about  Naartjie is  that they have  somewhat limited supply  compared to bigger  stores like gap  and gymbo etc.  So they often sell  out of sizes (*especially sizes 3 and 4!) if you find something you like you can't wait too long.

Another  tidbit for Fashion Friday....Naartjie is a South African company I  believe....their stuff really stands out (there are even  more ADORABLE outfits online that  I didn't  buy because I'm waiting for them  to go on sale more) and the best part is it's all so comfy! The outfit I got on ebay looks awesome still even after being washed and worn...and Naartjie stuff sells really well on ebay so after your little one outgrows it you can turn around and sell  it and make back  at least half of what you paid, which ends up making for some cheap outfits.

Have I bored  you all yet  with my Fashion Friday?! ;-) Here are some more adorable  pictures of Raya modeling for me---she was loving the  camera today  so I had to take advantage!

In other fashion news I'm  COMPLETELY CAUGHT UP WITH ETSY ORDERS!!! Wahoo! Here is a sampling of recent projects

And finally, I love when customers send me pictures of their little ones wearing my creations! Here are a couple I got recently :-)

2nd birthday piggy outfit and hair clip
This mom who bought  my Christmas sibling set is a photographer cute!
Happy (almost) Friday everyone!


  1. I love this! That outfit is adorable!! I might have to check that website out

  2. You should try to work out a deal w/ the photo mom! That pic is adorable & really showcases your work!

    That brand is cute. I think it's funny you feel you have to justify your love of dressing your girls up. Who cares! ;)

  3. Well, sometimes I just get tired of hearing "they don't need any more clothes!" ...b/c I know they don't, I just like to buy it :-P

    I know, that photographer mom was funny. She kept telling me how she was a photographer and how she's send me pics and I could use them on my website etc. etc. I think she was maybe hinting that she'd like some sort of "deal" because she was already asking what I had planned for future sets! lol. I did think her photo was adorable and her kids are really cute :-)

  4. I look forward to reading your Fashion Friday's because well, let's face it, Kyla could use a little help in that department! ;)

    I'm going to get a picture of Kyla with my nieces Saturday night with their Christmas tree shirts on. Emma and Gianna have already worn theirs several times and gotten lots of compliments!

  5. I think Kyla's clothes are adorable! :-) And I can't wait to see pics of them all together....I'm glad the "big girls" are having fun matching!


  6. Love the outfit on Raya!!!!!!! She was posing great today, even had nice smiles!!!!!!! I'd rather see you buy stuff for your babies than waste it on other things!!!!
    Grama F

  7. Raya looks so pretty, as always! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and that she loves her Baby Bop shirt! :)

  8. The outfits are so cute, and so are the ones you made on etsy? What kind of machine do you have? You left a comment on my blog about sleeves on a dress I made, and girlfriend, it's so easy! I was pretty intimidated at first, but I found a tutorial that was super easy. I'll post my own tutorial soon because I do mine a bit different. Have a great day!


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