Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's (Eve)!

Have  I mentioned  how silly I think  New Year's Eve is? I mean, really, can you think of any holiday more anticlimatic? You sit around  all evening waiting for the "big  moment" and then 10 seconds later after a quick shout of "Happy New Year" and maybe a kiss it's all over. Lame. LOL

Needless to say this "holiday" doesn't excite me! So Lee is going out for a little bit  later on with my brother and I offered to babysit all the munchkins (my mom came down  with a flu bug today and she was the original sitter). Looking forward to them all in bed while I relax on the couch! And maybe I'll shout Happy New Year know, at a decent hour with a full night's a normal person :-P

Still, it *is* fun to think about the  year gone by and get excited for the year to come! I'd say overall  2011 was a great year for our family! New baby, new house, health and happiness....what more can I  ask for?!

So here's my official year end recap--enjoy!

January 2011 started off with a very pregnant Shawna....anxiously awaiting Brielle's arrival!

I  do not miss that belly one bit!
Then January brought Miss Brielle's arrival on 1-11-11! We spent the month getting to know the new member of our family :-)

(Click to enlarge all  these collages)
February brought with it a continued adjustment period, but we survived! We also celebrated Valentine's Day.

By  March  we were getting into the swing of things with 2 kids under  age 2! I also bought my first  ever sewing machine--yay!

April was very exciting! Raya's first time dying easter eggs, her  first solo egg hunt, her  first haircut (I  was her beauty stylist), and the start of wedding season (and matching dresses :-)

May was  the start of warm weather and playing outside, Raya's first time being a flower girl, a vacation to visit our  friend Bryn, and Raya's 2nd  birthday!

With  June came lots  of  sunshine! Brielle started eating solids and Baby Bop became a member of our family :-P

July 4th  was exciting this  year, as Raya  was old enough for sparklers! We also visited the river museum and my  trusty camera broke and died (but not before taking some really weirdly tinted photos!)

August was my favorite photography  month--Brielle was at the  perfect age for being a great model, and looking back through my pictures that month I had so many great ones I couldn't  narrow them  down! :-)

In September we went to Illinois for  Lee's big family  reunion---and we got to see Lee's brother and wife from Ohio, which is always exciting!

In October  we packed up our boxes (and babies!) and MOVED! This was a very exciting month. We also had lots of pumpkin patch  and Halloween fun.

November was our first (and only!) snowfall of the  year. Raya almost died choking on a peanut butter sandwich. We celebrated Brielle's first Thanksgiving.

December was filled with  travel!  We visited our  new nephew/cousin in Ohio for the first time, we visited friends in Illinois, and we attend many Christmas parties! Santa was good  to Raya, and Brielle made it through her first Christmas! (even if she  was under  the weather)

So goodbye 2011--thanks for the memories! (and for baby Brielle hehe :-) ....and hello 2012! I can only  hope that  this year will  be as awesome as the last.

And what is the New Year  without a couple New Year's resolutions? lol. My goal is to keep them for at least 1 week ;-P I decided to make one housekeeping related one and a parenting related one.

1) I will  (try to) do one load of laundry every day --that includes folding and putting away! Laundry is my most hated chore and I'm always behind.

2) I will turn off the TV for one hour every day and just play with the girls! I'm someone who likes the "noise" of the TV on in the background and even though we're often playing and not paying attention to the TV I think Raya is becoming reliant on it being on in the background too. She throws a fit if I turn off her shows, even if she isn't watching. We both need to learn to not have it on from time to time!

What are *your* new year's resolutions?

See you all next year!


  1. It's so much fun looking back over the year. I think new years is a lame "holiday" as well.

    I'm the same way with the TV & kaylee does the same thing she'll flip out too if I turn it off & Shea not even watching

    Have a great night of relaxation. That's what we're doing too. The hubs woke up feeling like shit so were watching movies with the girls

  2. I love looking back at the year! Its still so crazy seeing the little ones go from tiny baby, to practically toddler in just a few short months! Happy new year :D

  3. I just had to say, since you mentioned the whole "commenting in your mind" I do it ALL THE TIME! especially since I read blogs a lot at work, but I can't comment on them at work so I mean to comment later at home but I forget or think I already did! HA! Just had to share, I find it funny and am glad I am not the only one.

  4. I just can't believe how fast the days go!!! My pretty Brielle is almost a year old!!!!! I don't like it one bit!!!!!!
    Grama F

  5. I haven't made any resolutions yet. I guess I need to do better about keeping the house clean and get in a better habit of vacuuming every day now that Kyla literally finds every little piece of whatever to put in her mouth.

    Loved all your pictures from the year. I enjoyed seeing Raya early in the year!


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