Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Honey do this, Honey do that

Lee is off this  week (It's so nice  that he's always worked jobs where  he's off from like the 23rd until Jan.  3rd!) so he's been tackling my honey-do list hehe. So far it's included lots of hanging things, because  our walls are still about as bare as when we moved in! It's a long process---oh well, we're slowly getting there!

My favorite project  so far is that  he hung these shelves for me in Raya's room (eventually to be  the girls' shared  room)

She had no place to  set  anything before, so the top of her  dresser was just  covered in crap. Shelves are so expensive to buy though (I  looked  at target and for a set of teeny tiny shelves they wanted like 30 bucks) Lee found these white "shelves" for  $9 each at Menards and then the brackets he used to mount them were free after mail in rebate.  Great deal! They  are nice and big too so  plenty of space to display all  her  cute Kidcraft wooden kitchen stuff that matches her room :-)

Still on the honey-do list is to finish painting/distressing the two nightstands and then also paint this dresser white.

I also came up with a cheap headboard solution. I found beadboard sheets at Menards...I think  they were about $9 Lee is going to cut them to the size of the twin beds and then frame them  out with  white trim to match. It'll be perfect for the shabby chic look. That's not quite  finished  yet  though---pictures to come.

In the nursery we also hung  a couple shelves. These shelves my godfather made me when I was young, and they ended up being perfect to hang in the "trees" in order to display a couple things.

Right now just Mr. Owl  and  the  sock  monkey jack  in the box are sitting up there :-P
This is the corner....where the changing table sits under the quilt.
We also hung up the  two  pieces John and Emily gave me for xmas....this little clothespin wall hanging  worked perfectly in the kitchen. I need to print a few new pics to hang up but I scrounged up a few for the time being haha

The clothespins hang  from's from Pier  1 I believe, if anyone wonders!
Then this metal artwork piece John picked  out and it works perfectly in our master bathroom. It's big  and fills up the empty space on the wall  behind our double sinks....and since our master bedroom is reds we plan to decorate the master bathroom in reds as well---whenever we get around  to tackling that haha

Sorry, this is an incredibly  random post today :-) Next  up, I finally got the Santa picture Raya had taken at the bank. Remember  when Lee took Raya uptown one night to a little Christmas festival  thing? Anyways, they  did free Santa pictures at the bank and then just recently sent me the photo. I didn't go (if I had I would have taken off Raya's coat and hat! lol) but hey, we got a Santa picture at least....and you can't beat free. She was obviously extremely  impressed and excited about seeing Santa

Today Raya  got to try out her new finger nail polish from Santa. It's "Nerds" polish and  the different colors smell like the candy nerds :-P  We did green and purple honor of Barney and Baby Bop!

...and  she insisted that  sissy smell  her nails LOL

....and feet!

Today we were cleaning out our master  closet and found this lovely men's's an elephant and the "trunk" is, know :-P  It was a white elephant  gift  I got my last year working, and actually they had said I should send it back to the office  so they could pass in on to someone else in future years, but it had gotten lost in the move and we just found  it again! I'm praying it was never "tested" by anyone in past years, because before I could stop her Raya was wearing her "mask" and having a grand old time with it LOL

Static cling anyone?
To end, here are a few pictures of Brielle from yesterday---still  loving her  new chair!

Eating her sock

Hope everyone is having a great week! Tomorrow my mom is babysitting the girls and Lee and I are going to run errands and try to check  off a few more things on the honey-do list!


  1. Everything looks great!! We just took all of our Xmas stuff down today so we can start getting th new playroom slowly set up

  2. Great honey do list!! Mine is never ending as well!

  3. Oh Raya! That picture with the Elephant thong cold be a great grad party pic! Hehe. I have a pic when of Cam he was about Sam's current age while he was in a clothes basket that Lonnie had carried him in from the laundry room to the living room and he is chewing on a clean pair of my undies... Yuck, I guess at least they were clean.... But still. Raya is one funny girl. I love their chairs.

  4. Raya's 'hat' had me laughing out loud I had to show the hubby!! oh too funny. You have to love kids!! Those tree shelves are awesome, they match so well. Your house is coming along so nicely. I must say I have gotten a few ideas from you!

  5. I love Brielle smelling Raya's feet... they are so silly!

  6. Great pics!!!! Have to agree, that thong pic needs to be saved for some future use!!!!! Those shelves that uncle Steve made years ago look like they were made for that tree!!!! Also love the white shelves in Rayas room, can't wait to see the rest of the projects!!! I just love the art work that John got you, and that clip art box that Em picked out,perfect!!!
    Grama F

  7. Everything is looking great! Can't wait to hear about what else you had Lee up to! :)

    I also LOL'd at Raya with that thong on her head. SOOOO funny!


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