Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just an ordinary day--and that's ok

I wasn't sure  if I was going to do a blog update today because I don't really have anything exciting to share! Today we ran to the doctor to get Brielle the 2nd half of her flu shot, dropped Etsy orders off at the post office, ran to the library, came home, read new library books, ate lunch (and a few oreos!), and put the girls down for naps. No pictures. No fancy holiday crafts, no fashion show photoshoots, no funny stories...just a plain old ordinary day :-)

I normally feel  really great about my life, and lucky to have such an awesome one! But you know what? Sometimes in blog  world (other blog moms, correct me if I'm wrong!) you can start reading and following a lot of other blogs and begin to compare your life to theirs...and sometimes feel really lame in comparison! I can blog hop and see other moms doing elaborate crafts, homeschooling their 10 kids while cooking fancy dinner for their  husband every night, planning parties with handmade everything, redecorating their house to look like a million dollars---only  using toothpicks and string (or  something equally annoying and crafty haha)....and pretty soon I'm thinking to myself " man, I must be the laziest mom on the face of the earth!"  ....but then the other  day I "pinned" on Pinterest a quote that I thought was perfect for times like that:

You see, everyone can make their life seem superior if they pick and choose the highlights they share! And bloggers especially, we often don't wanna blog about the boring day-to-day tasks...that's not "exciting" enough! So then we construct blog entries showcasing our best "super mom" moments of the day and we come off looking way cool--and we're not telling you about the poopy diapers, tantrums, housework, etc. So today I'm coming clean---my days aren't always cute kids and super mom antics--some days are more like  this:

...and you know what? That's ok! I have to try and remember not to constantly try and "one up" all the other moms....instead I need to focus on enjoying my own kids...and sure, I *love* sharing the great things from our day, the fun projects we do, and all the blessings of my life! But on those ordinary days? Well, I'm not going to make up stuff just to look like a "cool" mom blogger---I'm going to remember that the common things in life are super cool too :-)

So, comment and tell me about your ordinary day today--let's celebrate the every day things for once! :-)


  1. loving this! Our days are usually just ordinary days doing the same things. Some days we all dont get out of jammies and we have fun playing and making memories. Those are the days that I don't take out the camera and I just enjoy my kids

  2. Those "super moms" just don't write about the mundane tasks they have to do. Personally, I don't like writing about my day-to-day either... I'd rather write about a topic or a story. And, when I have nothing to write about, I just don't write. And when I have too many things to write about, I schedule them for days that I've got nothing. I'm no blog guru though, with a mere 50 followers. But I do it for me more than for anyone else. And it sounds like you do too... and you're doing great! And PS, you're WAY more crafty than me... so you're more "super" than I am! LOL

  3. Amen! I don't think I'm going to post anything today, just link to this post and say "Ditto!" Is that ok? Haha.

    Our ordinary day consisted of a play date with the neighbor boy, post office, bank, lunch, nap. And I don't see anything exciting happening the rest of the night :)

    Thanks for this post!

  4. Great Post! Maybe next play date we'll have a Pj play date! LOL. Probably not. But it's nicce to know that we all spend day's like this.
    Today we *did* get out of our Pj's. And we didn't even have daycare or anywhere to go! But when Sam took a nap today, I took one too, and Adam went went down stairs and played video games! Then we woke up I ran to the library, the bank, the post office, and then dropped off an invite for Cam's b-day at his friends house. After Cam came home from school we picked up the house, Cam wrote a letter to santa, Sam had a snack, and now were all just relaxing.


  5. I bet if the girls could express themselves, they would tell you that they had a wonderful day!!!!!Life is way to short, we have to enjoy every boring and exciting minute of it!!!I have said it before and I'll say it again, those girls will be grown up and gone before you can blink, so enjoy every second!!!
    Grama F


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