Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Monday Fun day, on a Wednesday :-)

So since we were out of town this weekend I didn't watch Sawyer and  Harper on Monday, so I have them today instead! You can tell Raya was going through "cousin so so" withdrawl because they were hyper as all get out this  morning and she just wouldn't stop giggling! At one point I heard her just  yell  out "I love you!" to him lol...poor girl is obsessed :-)

I figure if every week I attempt a "cousins" picture then maybe one time I"ll luck out and get a good one of *everyone*....alas, today was not my day though! This is the very first picture I snapped, and it ended up being the best by far

Here is the second new "matching" outfit for Raya...I loved the birdie outfit  on Raya and now Brielle.
Couldn't find the birdie shirt for a reasonable price on ebay, but I got the entire sweatsuit for Raya for $7 and free shipping
It's like brand new! It's a size 4 so pretty big on her short little legs haha...but it'll fit next year too so that's good!
Here is how the  rest of this little photoshoot went :-)

Today we did a couple fun holiday crafts while the babies took morning naps.

First we did handprint Santa cute!

And then I did some tape painting, and taped out a christmas  tree so that they could finger paint all  over it

When I removed the tape we had this!

Today poor Brielle had a mishap with her bottle lol

Raya had a mishap today too. I'm not sure exactly what happened because I was around the corner cleaning up lunch, but somehow Harper knocked Raya  down and Raya bit  her upper lip. Poor thing, he lip puffed up pretty fast and was bleeding! She had to explain the whole thing to me so I took pictures :-P

Popsicles make it all better :-)
Lastly, one of my blog friends posted a comparison photo of her girls today and I realized  I hadn't  done one myself in awhile, so here ya go!

I feel like they really look  a ton alike, but the eye color really  throws ya for a loop! They definitely have the same eye *shape*, face shape, cheeks, mouth, and hair  (although Raya's was longer at this point). Other than eye color the other difference you really  see here is their nose--I'm not  sure who's nose Raya has to be honest. Brielle has more of a turned up nose and Raya's  is more flat. Cutie patooties the both of them though!


  1. that first picture of all of them is to cute.

    besides the difference in eye color they do look alike! so cute!

  2. Love matching outfits! I want a girl next just so I can dress them alike, haha! That second picture of Raya showing us her fat lip made me laugh so hard.

    It really is amazing how much they look alike. Both so adorable!

  3. Love all the pics, I think the cousin pic is really cute, but Harper looks like she has a cold!!! Love all the matching outfits, do it while they'll let you!!1 Love Raya explaining her cut lip!
    Grama F

  4. love the cousin picture, and all of the out takes, lol. but OMGSH. your girls look SO much a alike.

  5. You do such a great job with crafts and projects! I am wanting to do the tape Christmas tree, but everything I use doesn't come off of the paper without tearing. What did you use?


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