Monday, December 12, 2011

Ohio Trip

Ok, so as I stated in my last post. this past weekend we were in Ohio visiting Lee's brother's family and new baby Ryan. It  was about a 10 hour drive out there---yeah, I know....terrifying LOL. We left around 5pm and drove through the night...we the time change we got there a little after 4am on Friday morning. All in all the girls were very good. Lee drove and his mom sat up front with him...I sat in the very back and tended to the girls....both had a dvd screen to watch and their brains slowly turned to mush watching movies and taking naps throughout the night. No real tantrums of any kind and when we arrived at 4am they went to bed fairly easily and slept until about 8:30, which was nice. Friday we just hung out and cuddled the baby and then Saturday we celebrated Christmas. Brielle opened her very first presents ever :-) Sunday was  another low key day and then we left Sunday night and drove through the night again, arriving back  home  early this morning--yet again without any major issues...yay! The hardest part of the whole weekend was the headache of watching and entertaining my munchkins  in a house that isn't babyproofed! Seriously, once  you're a parent you look  at houses in a completely new light. Suddenly any sort of home decor is really annoying haha.  But we made  it out of there without causing any permanent damage I  think, which is always good!

In order to keep Raya from going too stir crazy, Lee took  her to the mall to  play. Talk  about a spoiled  little girl, when they came home on Saturday she has herself a new minnie mouse sweatshirt, doll, and slippers from the disney store LOL. She loves it all and wore the sweatshirt for two  days and wants Minnie to go everywhere haha.  However much to lee's dismay she still  wants Baby Bop and *not* Minnie to sleep in her  bed at night. Can't get rid of Baby Bop that  easily I guess!

I was  surprised Lee picked out such a cute sweatshirt  and slippers haha.  And I  guess he let Raya pick  out the doll.
He said at first she went for the classic red and black one, but then decided on the pink one.

Brielle enjoyed  her first Christmas of the year (and her life :-)   ....sneakin peeks at her  presents

Opening  her first one!

As I  expected it  made  no difference who's name was on which gifts, because they both like playing with the other's presents best it seemed!

And now some misc. pictures from the weekend...

Both grandmas with baby Ryan

I love this picture :-)

Trying on Ryan's hat...crazy that Brielle was more than 2 lbs smaller  than Ryan when she was born

Seriously kid, what's your problem?

Baby snuggles

Playing playdough with Grandma

Reading stories with Daddy before bed

Back  home this  morning! See the  phone in her hand? She "called" Sawyer on the phone and asked him to come play haha
Then she called "so so's mom" and asked if he could  come play! was pitiful. I'm going to watch Sawyer and Harper
on Wednesday this  week instead of today---I needed time to recover from the trip :-)
Lastly, since I  didn't  have housework or etsy orders to work on this weekend I was able to get the girls' hats crocheted! I made them coordinating polka dot hats to go with their  winter coats--love them! They are a little big, but I  wanted them to fit next year if possible

Photoshoot going to hell in a handbag at this point LOL

Happy Monday everyone! And I was gone so long that  it's almost impossible for me to totally catch up on all my favorite forgive me! I'm back  to reading again though :-)

***Don't miss  my update from *early* this morning either!


  1. Love the hats!! If only I had talent like that...

    I can't believe you even had energy to blog today! Hopefully the girls are taking it easy on you. It would take me a week to recover from two overnight road trips! Yikes!

  2. sounds like you guys had a good time. glad the car ride went well. Keira got that same picnick basket for her birthday and the girls love to play with it together. Ryan is so adorable!

  3. The picture of Lee and Brielle is adorable! I love the hats and Brielle's pretty blue eyes! Glad the long drive went well! That's a long time for anyone, let alone two little ones! I'm impressed!

  4. Those hats are sooooo cute, better get ready to sell those!!!
    Grama F

  5. I know what you mean about the frustration of other people's houses. We have such a hard time at Papa's house because he has so many little birds or tiny dishes, etc. and it's always a challenge to get out of there without breaking something!

    BTW- Those hats are awesome. Your girls are lucky!

  6. the hats and jackets are SO CUTEEEE! love it :) and the picture of brielle sitting in lee's lap-they look sooo much alike! and can i just say how much i love that you have a brown eyed girl and a blue eyed girl. i don't know why i do, but i just think its the sweetest :)

  7. looks like you guys had a good time! :) love all of the pictures. glad the long trip went well with the girls. i LOVE their hats and coats. you did such a great job.


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