Sunday, December 18, 2011

Playdate in IL!

Sorry blog  world, I  went  MIA again this weekend because we took  yet  another out of state trip! We are popular people, just  can't help it ;-)

This weekend Lee went pheasant hunting with his bff (he will love that I  refer to their man-love this way lol) and so  the girls and I tagged along so that we could have a playdate weekend with his wife and daughter Bryn, who is a couple months older than Raya. Fun times! It's always nice when you marry a guy and you actually like their friends. And even better when you like the wife too, so then you don't get stuck tagging along on hunting trips making small talk with someone you hate :-P Thanks for having us this weekend you guys!

Bryn wasn't loving my camera....or Raya's constant desire to hug her haha...but  I managed to get a couple pics.

Notice the hand holding :-P

The one hug Bryn allowed...Raya  was in 7th heaven! Poor girl just  doesn't understand that not
everyone likes hugs as much as she does. She's going to be the kid in preschool with boundary issues I think LOL

Bryn is  thinking "why are you taking  pictures of me eating?"  ...and Raya is
thinking "just smile, she does this ALL the time!" ;-)


The bummer of the weekend? The  fact that *both* Raya and Brielle came down with nasty colds on Friday night---and now tonight I'm dropping fast, feeling awful, and hoping I make it through tomorrow with 4 munchkins! For now I'm blaming Miss Harper and her  snot nose on Monday :-P

Here was Brielle on Saturday, rosey cheeks from a low grade fever and glistening snot nose! I love her  outfit though so had to take pics anyways :-P

Hope I  don't get another ear infection!

Raya seems to have a pretty mild cold/runny nose as of now. Fingers crossed it doesn't get much worse!

Poor Brielle was struggling today a little more...

Everyone took a much needed nap on the drive home!

And now everyone is tucked into bed for the night and I'm left along with my snot ;-) Hope everyone had a great weekend! The countdown to Christmas is underway in full force---yippee!

Oh, and one more thing, my blog friend over at Mrs. Mommy is doing another giveway for thirty-one! Remember when I won a super cool utility tote that just happened to perfectly match my living room curtains? Well I love it still! So much so that I got my sister-in-law in Ohio the same thing for Christmas LOL. Mrs. Mommy is doing ANOTHER giveway right now and how cool would it be if I won again?! Here's to hoping! ....but if you want to lessen my chances go ahead and check it out yourself and enter! I won't find out and hunt you down or anything for stealing my prize :-P  Giveaway info found HERE!


  1. The girls look like they had a fun time together. Hope the girls feel better soon. Keira has been crabby crabby all day today, I think she's teething again cause she is drooling like crazy!! Love Brielle's outfit

  2. Awe! Looks like they had so much fun together. My Kaylee is definitely a hugger too. lol. Hope they feel better soon.

  3. You can tell Bryn does not like her picture taken, Raya just loves to hug everbody, what's wrong with that!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. Looks like fun! The two tots look so cute together. :)


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