Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Puke day , part 2

Yes, unfortunately Brielle was the puketastic child today....ugh :-(  She puked for about 1.5 hours this morning, then finally  felt ok enough to take a nap, and when she woke up she appeared to be feeling a little bottle and even successfully drank a bottle. Still hoping that I don't get this flu bug!!! But luckily if I do it appears to be short lived. My cold is kicking my butt though...my head just pounds and I want to sleep but can't, because  then Raya starts crying and says "wake up mama! wake up mama!" if she sees my eyes closed. Mama's need sick days too.

This is what  your living room looks like when you cover the floor with blankets because your baby crawls around and pukes without warning.

There has been lots  of hanging on Mama and crawling around at my feet trying to fight for who gets picked up. I need four arms.

So that's what's up with us today...hope you all are having a better week! It's hard for me to be in the Christmas spirit when the week starts out like it has, but it can only  get better right?

It helps that my girls are so sweet too. Today Raya was throwing a fit wanting a specific toy downstairs and I kept telling her no, mama has a headache, play with something else. But she just wouldn't let it go so finally I said "why do you have to drive  your mama so crazy Raya?!" and she looked at me and said "because Mama's my favorite" ....awwww...she's  so sweet.

Here are a couple more pics of my sweet girls--now I'm off to  squeeze in a quick cat nap!

And yes, even my fashionistas take a day off when they're puking!
This is what we call  our vomit attire ;-)


  1. Aww your poor girls. Hope they feel better soon. Brielle's hair looks like its getting darker

  2. That really sucks. I'll be praying that you are spared. It's the worst being sick and still having to take care of the kids. I've actually made my husband stay home from work when I've been sick before... We need our sick days too!!!

  3. Aww...well hopefully you got it all out of the way before Christmas! They're still cute as ever!

  4. Keep your chin up!!!!!! Santa is coming!!!!!
    Grama F


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