Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We're still in recovery mode here trying to unpack and get back to "normal" life

Am I the only one who's house looks like WW3 after a weekend away? Seriously, trying to unpack with 2 little ones who are still readjusting to our regular  schedule is *very* slow going. Raya has been acting like a crack addict in withdrawal today---I can't even tell  you how many times she's been in timeout for testing her limits...oy

The  war zone

The other  day I  decided to use some of my Etsy money to increase the girls' "matching" wardrobe haha. I know I  won't  be able to dress them alike for very long, so I'm going to enjoy it while I can! When we go in public everyone always loves seeing them matching--so  stinkin' cute ;-P Well I  figured  out a cheap way to accomplish this goal, and that  is through ebay. I picked out 2 of my favorite baby gap outfits that had been Raya's, and now Brielles....and just searched for the  same outfits in a bigger  size for Raya! Here is one of the 2...got  it for only $4 plus $4 shipping, which is great for baby gap :-) Save's me from having to buy Brielle anything new too, since she has plenty of hand-me-downs!

She is really looking sooo much  like Raya  did at this age! I remember Raya's 1 year pictures she had gotten so fair looking and I swore her hair  was going to turn white blonde. It was  short  lived though, but now Brielle is starting to have
that same look that  Raya did!

Remember  how I said Raya has been  acting crazed today? Yeah, here  she  is screaming and crying (for no reason) saying "pick up mama! pick  up mama!" over and over and over and over....

She's had her sweet moments  today too :-)
This weekend Lee's mom brought up something that Lee asked her to bring---a cardboard schoolhouse that had been his as a little boy! It really is in great shape considering it's age...Lee needs to use some packing tape or something to reinforce the slotted joints though in order  to hold up against our munchkins who aren't old enough to know they shouldn't  lean on everything....but so far they've had a blast playing in it!

Good thing we have this large "Misc." area in our basement for these large playthings

Hehe...look at his handwritten name from when he was little :-P

This makes  me think about what sorts of toys I want to save  of the girls' for them to have for their own kids....its fun to enjoy some oldschool stuff now and then :-)

How much is that girl in the window?

Oh, and Brielle's latest  trick? Little shit can scale *up* the slides!

She's fast too!!

Gotta watch this kid.

Lastly, my cousin has a little girl who is about the same age as Brielle and Harper and her mom sent me pictures she took at Thanksgiving today so I thought I'd share! Whitney is a couple months older than Harper, who is a couple months older than Brielle....so they'll all have fun playing together here pretty soon!

This picture cracks me up because they are all checking eachother out LOL. Whitney's mom says that Brielle and Harper are thinking "who's this new girl?!" hehe

Aren't they all so sweet?!

And  yes,  Brielle was sporting a ponytail :-P
Back to unpacking while the girls nap I guess! ....


  1. Sounds like the morning I've been having with kaylee. Little stinker has been talking back lately so lots of time outs for her! Loving the old school play house, so fun!

  2. lol, no you're not the only one. we went on a weekend trip too this weekend, im finally getting my house back to normal and us unpacked. lol. love that school house, wow... that is still in amazing condition. :)

  3. I just love that little school house!!! It is in great shape, I love Lee's name in it, that is just soooooo neat!!! you know who is going to have a ball with that tomorrow!!! That pic of the three girls needs to be entered into a contest!!! What a group of cuties!!!
    Grama F


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