Thursday, December 15, 2011

She's one-of-a-kind

So tonight  I was letting Raya draw with markers while I unloaded groceries. I  overheard Lee at one point ask "are those washable?" and without even looking up from what I was doing I just  said "yeah"....thinking he was worried about a little marker on her hand or something. Then I overheard him say "are those  scented or something?" ...once again I never even looked up. Fast forward 5 minutes when I finally look at Raya and see THIS:

It all started to make sense LOL. "Are they  washable?" Thankfully yes! "Are they scented?" Um, NO, but  apparently  Raya thought they were!!! :-P

Ya gotta love  this kid.

She had  me laughing many times  today when she insisted on wearing these tiny baby sunglasses...

Yeah, not the  most flattering when forced onto a too big toddler head! ;-)

She's one-of-a-kind for sure.

And not to  forget  my other  Brielle tested out  Raya's old owl  bellbottoms haha. Still a little long, but they sure looked cute on her  regardless!

She would not  pose for  *any* pictures today, little s tinker
....and apparently she develops a double chin when she rolls around on sissy's big  girl bed LOL

That's all  I've  got for today! My  mom watched Raya this afternoon while Brielle and I went shopping.  Got Daddy a little  something and picked up a couple new  sweaters for Brielle, so that she now has 4 presents for Christmas instead of only 2 :-P


  1. Gotta love toddlers using markers. Kaylee hasn't got to use markers yet, I think for that exact reason

    Keira only has a few gifts from us too

  2. Raya is just toooo funny!!!!
    Grama F

  3. Oh wow, that girl is something else! I love reading Raya stories! I only have a few presents for Kyla for Christmas and feel like a bad mom. But she doesn't need anything, she's going to get gifts from everyone else, her birthday is January 9th. All good excuses, right? :)

  4. I was laughing through this whole post! I can just see my husband doing the same thing...asking those questions, but not really saying what's going on! Gotta love it!!

  5. That is too funny about Raya and the marker! I read basically what you were doing and what Lee said and then turned the computer around and showed Adam. He laughed also. (I told/showed him because he wanted to know what I was laughing about.) I LOVE the first pic of Raya with the sun glasses! It just seems so her, like a face you would expect her to make. Idk. Funny girl!


  6. Thank you. I love the sweater dress. The tag says WONDER KIDS. So I'm not sure who sells that

    She's done so good these past 3 days with the binks YAY!!


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