Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thoughts on having 1 child versus 2

So with Raya gone to Grandma and Grandpa's house (previous entry) I've been experiencing what it's like  to be mom to an only  child again! Let me start by saying that obviously I didn't want an only child, or that's what I  would have had...I  wanted more children and I'm so happy I have 2 right now :-) *But* that doesn't mean that there aren't things I miss about having only 1. So for all you moms of only 1 out there, remember to appreciate the benefits of having only one kid at home, because you will miss this stuff if/when you have more!!!

Reasons why having only 1 child is the best :-)   ....

#1--you are more  likely to sleep in, because the risk of being woken up early is reduced by 50%! This morning I didn't wake up until after 8am, and only  because my mom called me on the phone! I haven't slept that long in FOR-EV-ER. Raya  has been waking up earlier and on days when she suddenly sleeps in a little then Brielle almost certainly has an early morning.

#2--morning nap time. Morning nap when Raya was  little was always something to look  forward to. Now with Brielle morning nap means absolutely nothing. Whether she  naps or not doesn't matter to me because regardless Miss Raya will be awake and demanding my attention! Did you know that the average toddler requires undivided attention from their parent(s) on average every 4 minutes? Yeah, I learned that little fact on Dr. Phil recently. However I'm pretty sure the 4 minutes is being generous.

#3-- Laundry builds up more slowly. Moms, is it not amazing how much dirty laundry a child can create?! Seriously...between the extra clothes, washcloths, blankets, towels, etc. etc. child creates a ton of additional laundry and with 2 children? Well somehow I swear that it more than doubles---I have no idea how.

#4--running errands can be fun again. When you have only 1 child please do not underestimate the ease with which you can run errands. When I go into town with two children I literally debate with myself every time I think about going into a store. You will never again "run in quick" to get something. By the time I get Raya out of her carseat, lead her  to the other side of the van, instruct her to hold the handle tightly, get Brielle out of her carseat, grab the diaper bag and/or stroller, grab Raya's hand, and manage to get them both into the store (opening doors with my feet/butt/etc. because I have no free hands) I'm usually deciding that whatever it was I needed in the store  is no longer important. When I run errand with only one child suddenly I'm quickly popping the baby out of her carseat and heading right on in (with a hand free to open doors!). Give me 1 child and a to-do list for shopping and I got ya covered. Give me 2 children and that same list? Screw it--whatever  is on your list is something you can live without :-P

#5-- Baby is suddenly a much happier child! Without big sister to bug her suddenly Brielle rarely's amazing! Sure, Raya  is usually trying to be nice, but even though  they are so little they manage to "bicker" already. I cannot stress this enough---1 child = no one to fight with = awesome.

And lastly, for good measure, reason #6 ---you might actually be able to take your child's  monthly photos! yeah yeah, she turned 10 months old on the 11th....of *last* month. But hey, she's still technically 10 months old so it's all good haha. With one child I was practically taking Raya's pictures at the exact moment she had her monthly "birthday". It gave me something to do! With 2 children, forget it. I've got 1000 other things to do and a toddler who doesn't think it's fun to help Mama take pictures of sissy. And remember the laundry issue from above? Yeah, you sorta need clean legwarmers to take the monthly  pictures, and it's been hard locating them haha. But  today we got it done! And really, I don't  even  know why I bother anymore because it's not like she'll sit still anyways. I swear the people who have the monthly pictures of their child sitting in the exact same spot each month, looking at the camera, all perfect and exact are either a) drugging their kids in some way b) need to get a life because they must take about a million "takes", c) are photoshopping something, or d) have lame-o kids who aren't motivated enough to ruin their mom's photoshoot :-P

Her new trick this month? climbing the stairs.

She loves it when you chase her down screaming "no no!" too
And where is her little  purple hair clip you might be wondering? Well, let's call that  reason #6.1 why having 1 child is better than 2. Because with 2 children hair clippies are like baby socks--they are sucked  into some black hole somewhere, and apparently the purple  clippie  has disappeared. Sorry Brielle---it's the poor 2nd child syndrome. Mama's trying!

To end, here is a movie!!! Yep, something else I've slacked on with baby #2 :-P Please excuse my annoying commentary, and the fact that when I finally took  a movie it was when they were eating and covered in food :-P  But Raya's counting is sooo funny I just had to share. She's *really* into it! Movie here!


  1. Oh my gosh, Raya counting is just tooo cute!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. This is great. And absolutely accurate! I feel ya on all of these. Especially the reining errands. Just getting the kids in and out of the car in the parking lot causes me extreme stress. I'm always worried my older one will wander off while I'm taking out the younger. Marco knows he has to told my pants and if I don't feel him holding me, I lose it on him. Stress.

  3. You're totally right-- two kids is way more than twice the work! I remember when we had just gotten our dog (but before kids) and I had to come home over my lunch break to let him out and feed him. I literally remember thinking, "Life was so much easier before we got this dog and I could whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to."

    Laughable. Now I just want to pee in private.

  4. i'm sooooo glad you wrote #6. i have been SLACKING on the monthly pictures and feel so guilty. lol! i keep thinking "man with Raya I was on it every month on the exact day! and now i'm lucky if i get kallen's done." lol. ahhhh, life was so easy with 1 ;) but i'm loving 2!


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