Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We're back!

Don't worry loyal readers, despite yesterday's blog entry I am not going to forgo pictures every day, in the name of celebrating the ordinary! After all, if anyone can look  adorable and picture worthy doing every day ordinary things it's definitely my girls :-)

So  enjoy today's picture filled update!

First things first, Brielle is sooooo  close to walking. I'm pretty certain she could if she wasn't  so scared. She's starting to drop to a crawl now just out of fear of falling, but she can push toys around like nobody's business, and yesterday when Raya ran over and tore the shopping cart out of Brielle's hands Brielle just continued to stand there like it was no biggie, and then she even took a step towards the end table before dropping to the ground. We'll see if she's walking by her birthday or not!

While I was taking picture of Brielle Raya started getting jealous and  asking me to take pictures of *her* I did haha. (And actually Raya is getting jealous more and more of Brielle  I think. Like last night when Brielle was pushing the shopping cart around and I was clapping and saying "yay!" then Raya would take the shopping cart and say "watch me!" and she's push it too---so then I'd have to clap and say "yay Raya!" for her too lol)

Raya was looking so mature and stylish today, I had to take some pictures!

There is still a suitcase out from this past weekend's trip, and today Raya decided to "sleep" on it

While I'm thinking of it, Raya's new thing is she constantly throughout the day comes up to me and says "Hi Mama! What YOU doin'?"  ...and she says it with an accent like Joey from "Friends" or's so  funny! No idea where she got that from.

Brielle thought the suitcase was super fun too!

Today I let Raya do our advent calendar--I  had sort of forgotten about it until  today. She LOVED hanging up the little  charms and would have hung up all 24 if I'd let her!

She has the prettiest hair!
Lastly, yesterday at the pharmacy they  gave Raya a coloring sheet to enter into a coloring today she worked on her masterpiece! Certainly she will  win, right?! :-)


  1. brielle's outfit is so adorable!

  2. Thanks! It's gymboree and I got it at the second hand store for only $1! Apparently no one else thought it was as cute as I did lol. They snooze, they lose I guess! :-)


  3. I love Brielles outfit too!!!! Was I with you when you got that? Raya is probably going to get more and more jealous once Brielle is walking all over!!!I love Brielles face when Raya is hugging her, it's like she knows it's coming!!!
    Grama F

  4. Seriously, your kids are by far the best dressed kids I've ever seen :)

  5. aw, thanks! I have to try and make them look good because their Mama spends half the day in pjs and the other half in a sweatshirt and jeans lol :-)


  6. Such cute pictures! Your girls are just adorable! I love their outfits. :)


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