Saturday, January 7, 2012

Become a follower, win a prize!

Ok everyone, it's day 3 of my giveaway extravaganza! :-) Today's way to enter is to be a follower of my blog! So, if you are *already* a follower (thank you!) then simply go to my facebook page here and comment saying "I'm a follower!"'ll earn yourself another entry into my giveaway.

If you are not yet a follower (a PUBLIC sure to check on the right hand side of my blog where all of my followers names and/or faces are....if you can't see yourself there then you are either not following me, or you are following me *privately*. Please follow me publicly instead so that you show up!) anyways, if you aren't following me just look over on the right, above all my followers, and click "join this site"....then go over to my Facebook page and comment saying "I'm a new follower!"'ll  earn an entry, yippee!

And one more thing--there have been so many times over the last couple years that I've had this blog  that people have come to me and said "I've been a secret reader and I love your blog!"....and sometimes it's as though they are embarassed to be reading my blog. Let me just say, my followers and regular readers just make my day! I have met so many cool people through my blog and many of you end up shopping with me on Etsy too, which is great. So don't  be shy--comment and  say hi, follow me here  on the blog, contact me on Etsy for custom orders, etc....I love it! :-) If you have your own blog I'll probably follow  you back too!

Now onto my (lame) update for tonight. I don't really have many pictures of the girls tonight, but I wanted to update about my giveaway so I thought I'd share a couple quick pictures too.

First up, I ordered a new mirror for my living room and it arrived! My birthday is on the 20th so I called it a birthday gift :-P It's from Kohls and I love it! It was practically made for my living room---all  the same colors!

Raya had  fun making wierd faces in the mirror last night, while Daddy was trying to prepare the wall for hanging...

Yay, after 3 months of living here, we finally  have something on the wall in our living room! LOL

^^And see our new table  lamp? You  may  remember my post from about a month ago when Raya accidentally knocked over our floor lamp, and the glass lampshade basically shattered into one trillion pieces? Yeah, will that sad, bent, shadeless floor lamp has been in our living room since then, and today at Menards we got these super cute lamps for replacement! We thought that until we are done having children (and until they are much much older!) we should probably avoid floor lamps and actually any lamp that has a glass shade haha. So we now have two very child friendly bronze lamps and I love them :-)

The other  one sits over here...

This is the only picture I took of Brielle today....sorry Grandma!

...and my goofy girl (who by the way, is doing AWESOME with potty training! This  is day 2 of going hard core and she had one accident early this morning and then one right before bed....but other than that she *asks* to go and stays totally dry! Even pooped on the potty without issue, and when we went into town today she never had a single accident!!! (Although I did spend probably 15 minutes in the Hu Hot bathroom because she insisted on peeing multiple  times in order to use the public bathroom and wash her hands ---apparently very exciting stuff :-)

Hope you're all having a great weekend! ...and don't forget to follow my blog :-)


  1. My birthday is on the 30th of this month too. Love the mirror it looks great in your living room.

    Good job raya!!!!

  2. Love the mirror too! Kyla has the same PJ's on tonight that Raya has on...the ponies! I can't wait for Kyla to get her chair like that for her birthday. She's going to love it (and probably fall off of it several times). Good job on the potty training Raya!

  3. Hey I realized I'm not following yet... But I am now :)

    Anyway, I'm from the des moines area! My stepdaughters live in cedar rapids though... How cool :)

  4. Love the mirror and the lamps!!Brielle looks kind of pathetic in that pic!!!!!
    Grama F


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