Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brielle's 1st Birthday!

She was  princess  for the day and I think she'll tell you that it's good to be one year old. :-) We spent the day doing all her favorite things--fruit loops for breakfast, jumping on the bed, chicken nuggets for lunch, walk outside, playing in Raya's room, pizza for dinner, presents and  cake, bath, and bed!

So if you want to re-live Brielle's birthday with us please pull up a seat and read this super long, picture intensive update! I wouldn't do it any other way of course ;-)  Even though we are having a small party for her on Sunday, I wanted to do a few special things for her today, on her actual birthday. I know she won't remember it, but she'll be able to look back and know her Mama made it a special day none-the-less!

When Raya woke up we waited outside Brielle door, ready to barge in singing Happy Birthday!

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Miss Brielle, Happy Birthday to you!"

I'm not sure  she was overly impressed. More like "turn the damn lights off!"
Raya of course had to do birthday hugs

Brielle was still pretty unimpressed, even when we did an encore of Happy Birthday :-P

...and then suddenly I realized why the poor girl was not impressed. You see, the last 3 nights she's been waking up around 4am for a bottle. I thought it was because of her cold and the fact that she's not eating as much during the day, so the previous two nights I had given her a bottle and she went right back to sleep. Well last night she did the same thing but after I laid her back down she started fussing. I went in a couple times, laid her down and got her all settled with her pacis, etc. and she still fussed. Finally  I was thinking "she's just getting spoiled and needs to cry it out a little to fall back asleep.

Fast forward to this morning after my two choruses of Happy Birthday and I see that her crib is covered in puke/spit  up! It appears she ended up puking her bottle from the crying last night, and then the poor girl slept in it! Sign me up for horrible Mommy of the year award! On her birthday no less! I felt awful...poor girl.

She forgave me pretty quickly though and even posed nicely by her stripped down crib ready for the laundry LOL

After I was forgiven I let her pick her favorite cereal for her birthday breakfast--fruit loops!

Then we got dressed for the day in our birthday  outfit!

Funny story with the birthday outfit actually. Since I made her a sock monkey otufit for her party on Sunday  I wasn't planning to make her anything special for today. But then a couple nights ago I was working on this order for a customer when out of the blue my sewing machine lost it's mind! I have no idea what happened but basically this onesie was destroyed way beyond me selling it to someone. I was royally annoyed when I realized it must be fate--it was a #1 birthday onesie in Brielle's  size LOL. So I stuck a big bow over the worst part of the disaster and dug in her closet for coordianting skirt and leggings, and suddenly viola! A birthday  outfit for Miss Brielle today ;-) Just allow me to go on record that  the stitching etc. on this birthday "masterpiece" is nothing like the quality stuff  I actually sell in my store! (although I *do* kind of like the bow detail I added haha...I might have to start offering that as an option :-P  Oh and quick plug, if you buy anything in my store No Paparazzi Please this week be sure  to  use the coupon code "HappyBirthdayBrielle" to get free shipping on your entire order! Courtesy of the birthday  girl ;-)

Ugh, I hope her snot nose is  gone before Sunday!

Next on the agenda today was  jumping on Mama's bed! Raya and sissy LOVE doing this, and normally I frown upon  two snot nosed kids rolling around on my clean bedding and getting snot all over lol...but Brielle's the princess today and she picked this activity! :-)

One of Brielle's  other favorite activities is playing in Raya's room! She must be a glutton for punishment and enjoy hearing Raya squeal "no sissy, that *MY* toy!" over and over again :-P

It's a looong story, but we ended up with an extra chair and two extra (personalized) chair  covers
for Christmas! So I put Raya's  extra cover on the extra 3rd chair and it matches in her room perfectly, with the polkadot brown trunk of her new tree decal ;-)
After playing in Raya's  room it was snack time! I told Raya "now make sure you don't let sissy get this cereal of yours, because it's too big for her and she  could choke" thing I know I am witnessing the most adorable sister moment to date--Raya had been carefully breaking her cereal up into teeny tiny pieces for Brielle! When I asked her what  she was doing she said  "Mama, sissy is hungry and likes cereal too!"  What  a sweetheart.

And how hilarious is  it that  she broke up the pieces *this* tiny?! Brielle was licking her hands and
then getting the crumbs to stick so that they'd get in her mouth LOL

Then Grandma had an unexpected afternoon off, so she came over for a little while to wish the birthday girl and  Happy Birthday! And since it was still so warm outside we went for a walk too ! (And as I type this our supposed first big snow of the year is upon us...we'll see how bad it is in the morning I guess!)

After Grandma left someone was ready for a nap!

"It's my birthday and I  can cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to..."

" would cry too if  this happened to you!"

When Brielle woke up from her nap we had a major diaper blowout to deal with--cue  wardrobe change! Obviously  since I barely had one birthday shirt for her today I didn't have backup lol, so she just wore her "Brielle" shirt instead.

She likes her lion paci  now...but  monkey is never far behind!
Then when Daddy got home it was time for the "party"! We had  pizza, which Brielle gobbled up. Then it was time for presents and cake!

And now I'll confess how much of a cheapskate I was lol.  Since this isn't her "real" party I didn't really want to spend much money, but I still wanted her to have *something*! So her cake was a $4 lemon cake from the frozen section (actually really yummy!) and her presents were from the second hand store lol. One trip through the dishwasher and they are as good as new, and she was none the wiser! Then I "wrapped" them in old bags I had on hand and called  it a day hehe. Rest assured I do have new gifts  for her party Sunday, but  only two and the total cost was only like $25 ....her birthday  is so close  to Christmas and I couldn't think of anything to get her! I'll do better when you're older Brielle, I promise :-)

She thought it was pretty neat to have a cake and be sung  to!

Raya was happy to help with the candle

She wasn't really a fan of the cake though--sort of  surprised me but it could be that she's still sick and just  doesn't have  much appetite.

Then it was present time! Raya dictated a birthday card to me for Brielle today and it was so cute! I was surprised she was able to understand the  concept of the  birthday card and a lot of her card made sense! Here's what she "wrote":

"I love you sissy. Sissy, Happy Birthday. Blow candles out. Make a funny face. Laugh. Go kick-kick. Love, Ray Ray"

Raya was all over Brielle and helping  her open presents! Raya kept saying "When is it *my* birthday party?!"

First up for the used  toys lol...stacking cups and rattle ball. I actually had bought this toy for Harper's first birthday
and also for my nephew for Christmas. Found it at less than half the cost used and it's like brand new! Then I got her this stretchy bead  ball  thing....wasn't really sure how much it cost new but then later that day saw it at Barnes and Noble for $15! Needless to say I paid a fraction of that second hand. Score.
Then her last gift was this Little People's Noah's Ark toy! I'm not religious but for some reason have always loved Noah's  Ark stuff because it's so cute! Lee's mom gets me a Noah's Ark Christmas  ornament every year  actually. Well I  found this  toy and they wanted $12 for it which I  thought might be a little  high for a used  toy, but it was so cute  I just bought it. Come home and look it up online to find that it's actually a $50+ toy! New the ark is $30 and then each extra set of animals is almost $12, and mine came with two additional add on sets. So major score  on this toy! :-)

She still had  food dangling from her face lol...Daddy didn't do a very good  job wiping  her up and I didn't notice!

So overall an awesome day! ...and here's where I get all sentimental and mushy :-P

Dear Brielle,
I  can't  believe  I've been your  Mama for one whole year  already! In many ways it feels like the year went way too fast, but at the same time I love you so much and feel like I've known you forever--I'm so glad I get to be your Mama! You are just a perfect fit for  our family. You put up with big  sister hanging all over you, you're easy going, and you're definitely cute! I  know Daddy continues to say  he'd like a boy, but I couldn't be happier to have my second baby girl. I've  got  to be the luckiest mom in the world! Even though you are often Raya's side kick, you get all the hand-me-downs, and I can't  for the life of me take your picture on your monthly  birthdays, I  hope you know that you aren't any less loved because you're baby girl #2. In fact, be glad that we're making all  of our parenting mistakes on your big sister! :-) I can't  wait to see what the future brings, what you'll look like toddling around, what your little  voice will  sound  like when you start talking, what tv characters you'll be obsessed with (please, no Caillou!), whether you'll continue to be easy going even as a toddler (yes please!), etc. etc. But  what I *don't* have to wonder about is whether your Mama and Dada love you--that's a given! So  once again, Happy 1st Birthday Brielle (aka baby girl, stinker, blue eyed girl, missy moe, sissy)'ll always be my favorite second born! :-)
Love, Mama

And just in case anyone isn't completely sick of us yet, feel free to check  out  my blog entry from one year ago, when Brielle was born! Brielle's birth story


  1. Sounds like the perfect day. Happy 1st Birthday Brielle. That last picture of you & her is adorable

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    Grama F

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