Sunday, January 29, 2012

Brielle's Walking!

I don't  know how to embed my videos here on the blog so we're  going to do this the old fashioned way.

Click HERE to see a super cute  video of Miss Brielle walking! :-) She falls quite a bit anymore, but has pretty much crossed over to walking as her preferred mode of transportation. She loves to scream and squeal as she's walking's as though she's saying, "oh my god, I can't believe I'm really walking!!!!"  Too funny. Such a big girl!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday...check back tomorrow for a "real" update!


  1. My pretty little Brielle is growing up toooo fast!!!!!
    Grama F

  2. WooHoo! Shes already walking like a pro & bending over to pick things up too! Go Beielle! :)

  3. Yay! Go Brielle, go! Such a big girl!

  4. I love the squeals! So cute! I love that her and Kyla are doing exactly the same things!

    I loved your comment last night by the way. I think it's another girl too :)

  5. She's really moving... go Brielle! I was expecting a step here or there but she's well on her way to running!

    BTW, if you go to your YouTube video, there is a button under it that says "Share". Click that and you will see another that says "Embed". Copy that code. Back on your blog, switch to "HTML" mode in the upper left-hand corner and paste the code you copied earlier. Switch back to "Compose" mode and the vid should be there!

    1. Thanks! I wasn't switching to "HTML" before I pasted the code...I bet that's been my problem!!

  6. That was sooo cute - I was smiling all the way along - what a clever girlie!!!!


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