Friday, January 6, 2012

Earn more GIVEAWAY entries today! Plus Fashion Friday :-)

Ok, first things  first. Who wants  to earn another entry into my No Paparazzi Please giveaway?! Check  out yesterday's  update if you missed it--I'm giving away two $25 credits to my Etsy shop! Everyone can something for your own kids or a family friend, baby gift, etc. Doesn't  matter  if I know you or  don't....seriously, anyone  can enter! And  if you haven't done yesterday's entry yet  you can  still  do that  today. So go check out yesterday's post  if you missed it.

Now can  earn an entry two ways  today! First, blog  about my giveaway. Basically  if you have a blog (I  don't  care how many readers you have...even if it's just  your mom it!) go ahead  and do an entry about my giveaway. You could write  something like "hey, there is this  Etsy shop that is the coolest Etsy shop in the history of Etsy shops and you all need to check  it  out! And  she also has the coolest blog  ever in the history of blogs and you need to check  that out too!" 

...or a simple "hey, check  this out" with a link to my Etsy shop and my blog would suffice ;-) Basically to earn your entry you just have  to blog  *something* and include a link  to both my Etsy shop and my blog. Then comment either  here on the blog  or on my Facebook  page telling me you did so. This will  earn you one entry!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!! Don't have a blog? That's  fine....just do  a mini "blog" update on your Facebook  status! Post on your Facebook about my  giveaway (make sure  you choose  to make  it "public" so that  I can see  it!)  and also share a link  to my blog this link here  ....that  will earn you one entry too! Wanna do both--The blog update *and* the Facebook update? Then you can earn 2 entries today!

And  remember, whatever you do, make sure  to comment on my Facebook  page or blog  telling me what  you did so that  I know to write your entries down :-) Thanks!

Now  on to Fashion Friday. If you were just  here for the free stuff you don't  have to read any futher LOL.  If you wanna see adorable  pictures  though, keep reading!

Today's Fashion Friday isn't going to focus on a brand....but on the joys  of second hand shopping! I'm not  someone who buys my child's  entire wardrobe second hand, but I'm also definitely  not someone who thinks "eww...I  can't put used clothes on my kids!" ....I  like  clothes  in general, whether they are new or  old! But  for today's plug let me just say, if you haven't ever looked for second hand stuff before  you are missing out! Personally I don't  have much luck at garage sales. I  thinks it's a lot of work and many of the clothes are often cheap brands and pretty worn (although my parents sometimes find awesome deals, so maybe I'm just  not looking hard enough!). But there is a second hand consignment shop near me that  has aweome name brand stuff. If you go at the right time when they are running sales you can pick up Gymboree, Baby Gap, Children's Place, and more for just a couple  bucks! Yesterday I  found some awesome deals there. A Gymboree dress and shirt  for $1, a baby gap blazer for $3, and a super cute fake leather bomber  jacket (is that  what it's called?) for only $5. It's  a little big on Raya, but I just couldn't  pass it up!

Clearly she loves it :-P And  the brown looks awesome with her eyes, don't you think?

I've also had great  luck on ebay from time to time....especially  if you are looking for  a specific "line" from one of the more expensive stores like Gymboree or Gap. You have to pay attention to shipping costs and stuff, and I  never ever get into bidding wars! ...but if you periodically check you can stumble across great finds. My long time readers may remember  this awesome, like new, Gap sweater that I just had to have....and after many weeks checking I finally scored one for cheap. Still  one of my favorites!

Grandma bought Sawyer and Raya balloons yesterday :-P
I've also gotten a coupld things here and there second hand for Brielle, but  really, the child gets enough second hand stuff  from Raya, so she doesn't  need much ! Just to prove a point that I have lots of second hand stuff, and that it can be cute!, I did dress Brielle today in a little dress I got for  $1.

She's snot nosed again today. Blah.

So there you go...never underestimate how  cute  used  clothes  can be!

And now to end today, some more random pictures of  our photoshoots because frankly my girls are adorable and I  can never narrow down the pictures I want to share :-)

So when I took  this picture  I  thought "yay, this is better than that really weird smile she's  been doing!"

...and then she did this :-P

She thinks it's cool to make "funny  faces" now

She crawls around  with this cupcake in her mouth :-P

Crappy picture, but look  at those eyes! Be  still my heart :-)

I fear her "attitude" as a teenager lol

Now *that's* the smile I love!

She said her new  coat tasted good :-P Thankfully I had already washed it!

Happy  Friday everyone!


  1. Cute bomber jacket. They had one like that at target last season I wanted to get for kaylee but never did. Have a great weekend

  2. This is probably *that* one! It's target brand and since it was at the second hand store I'm assuming last season lol. Funny stuff :-)

  3. Hi Shawna. I work with your hubby and I read your blog on a regular basis. I have a little boy (with baby #2 on the way) and enjoy hearing all the stories of your girls. Which consignement store is your favorite? Is it the puddle jumpers one in Marion?

  4. Hi Katie! Lee has actually mentioned you before....nice to "meet" you :-)

    Yes, that's the one! A lot of times their stuff isn't marked down very much, but when I went yesterday they said they were clearancing everything out to make room for spring stuff this weekend.I got lucky!

  5. Shawna, there is one in the town and country shopping center called "once upon a child" I actually just bought Sam a few dresses and summer jumpers there today. They have a lot of carters stuff there. I've gotten oshgosh and a couple other brands there too. IDK if I've gotten the other brands you listed, but they have good prices. You might like it. It is just past the mall a little ways.

  6. Love your blog! :) I became a follower! :)

  7. Thanks! I love new followers :-)

  8. Posted about it on my FB. :)

  9. I posted on my blog too. I love that you gave us wording because it makes it easier on people like me who just like to copy and paste for these types of give-a-ways! ;)

    Here is the link:

  10. Love the brown jacket ,very cute on Raya!!! If Brielle didn't have dried snot all over her nose you could enter her in a contest!!!!! I have never seen eyes like that!!!!She is and always will be my pretty, pretty, baby!!!!
    I love a good deal on anything, why pay more if you can get a great deal!!!
    Grama F

  11. Goodness, your girls are so stylish! I cant handle all of this cuteness! Love all of the pictures! :)

  12. Hi I just love your blog and your hints about clothes and websites! I have an almost 8 month old little girl and love to shop for her :) I am a friend of Amy's (Mrs.Mommy) and started reading your blog from her. Jessie

  13. Hi I just love your blog and your hints about clothes and websites! I have an almost 8 month old little girl and love to shop for her :) I am a friend of Amy's (Mrs.Mommy) and started reading your blog from her. Jessie

  14. Thanks everyone!

    ...and welcome Jessie! I'm glad someone other than just me enjoys Fashion Fridays haha :-)


  15. Shawna- OMG, those shots of Raya with her budding "attitude" in that leather jacket are priceless!

    I'm not going to enter this giveaway since I won the last one (pics are coming, btw...) but the boys LOVE their shirts and we get compliments all the time. Everyone else should enter!

  16. I'm so behind on my blog reading and giveaway entering. But I just posted to FB:

    And I see one of my friends follows you now! I think you're on your way to making it big! Haha :)

  17. And I will blog about your giveaway soon...or whenever I actually post something again. I've been miserable and even getting on the computer seems like tons of work!


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