Monday, January 9, 2012

Every kid is different.

That  is something you hear a lot after having your second child. Heck, I even heard it a lot when I was *pregnant* with Brielle--every *pregnancy* is different too!. And frankly I knew that.  Sure, just because Billy likes  to play football and is good at math doesn't mean his brother Joe is going to be the same. Maybe Joe likes to  play trumpet  and is  horrible at math. Every kid is different.

But I  guess I thought that by  having my girls only 19 months apart that  I'd have  the upper hand for awhile.  I mean, just because they might not like playing the same sports when they  are  older I thought at least after figuring out how to change  diapers, give bottles, and generally  raise Raya that I'd be able to breeze through those things the second time around with Brielle. But man, I was wrong! And why? Because  EVERY KID IS DIFFERENT.

Really, you start over with  every kid for the most  part. Anyone who doesn't  have  kids  of their  own basically  knows  nothing about raising kids. And anyone who *has* kids  of their own basically  knows nothing too :-P

What  made  me start thinking about  all this? Well, probably the fact that my baby  turns 1 year old  on Wednesday! And thinking back  over  this  last  year and comparing it to my first  year  with Raya I'm realizing that everything has been  so  different. Good, but different. What they say is really true!

At 11 (almost 12) months Raya was a buttscooting pro. She however NEVER pulled to stand and had never in her life "cruised" along anything! She ate almost all foods, she switched to milk  in a sippy without so much as a look back (perhaps because she  drank  her formula bottles cold and it wasn't much  of a change?), she could say a few things (mama, dada, hi/bye I believe), she could wave and do  "so big", she weighed 24 pounds....etc. etc.  Now compare that  to Brielle today at the same age. She's never buttscooted, she has  been pulling up and cruising for months, she CLIMBS like a  little monkey, she started eating baby food months  later  than Raya and is still  "behind" as far as the array of foods  she will  self feed, she is fighting me on switching to milk and  she likes  her bottles warm, she is a generally more "happy" baby than Raya and very social, but she doesn't really say any words, she weighs 21 pounds, etc. etc. My methods of changing diapers (seriously, are all  babies  this crazy and wiggly during diaper changes at this age?!) that worked for Raya don't work for Brielle and vice  versa. The bedtime routine that worked for Raya  as a baby isn't the same that works for  Brielle. I could  go on and on. 

But  you  want to know the  thing  that has been consistently THE SAME for both of my girls? The horrors of monthly  photoshoots past about 6 months old.  I just  don't understand how other people do it LOL. Sure, Brielle turns 12 months old in two days and just today I finally got around to her 11 month photoshoot--but I got it  done and frankly I haven't been  too motivated to tackle this project considering how impossible these pictures  are to take!!! :-P

Brielle, 11 months old

And if you want to see my post from when Raya turned 11 months old you can check it out here  ....they were equally impossible to photograph :-P

Sock monkey was on the floor very early on
No more pictures  Mama!

And speakinng of every kid being different, as we move on to year 2 with Miss Brielle part of me holds on to the *hope* that it  continues to be true that every kid is different...because let's face it, I can perhaps only handle ONE child as Diva-ish as Miss Raya!!!

Here she was today, after having thrown a giant tantrum about wanting her picture taken as well haha

And because I can, a couple more pictures from our relaxing, cooperative, and super fun photoshoot

It'll be "fun" in the future to see how much I don't know about raising baby #3 haha. The good news? Every kid is different, but each of mine are equally adorable and perfect!

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Hope everyone has a great Monday!


  1. Great post. I totally agree every kid is different cause my girls are the same way. But I will agree your girls are adorable!

    In your etsy shop I'm liking the valentines shirts, to cute

  2. You're so right! Cael and Graham are alike in some ways, but different in all of the ways that count! I often wish they were more alike so that they would play better together, but I don't think I could handle two Caels. Two Grahams? Maybe... but they compliment each other well too. As Raya and Brielle grow up it will be fun to see if they continue to be different or have similar interests when your family grows!

  3. I'm liking the Valentine's Day shirts from your shop, too!

    Love the new pics. See you Wednesday!

  4. I would have to say I would choose the mustache birthday shirt! My bf just had her first baby, and I think this would be a fun gift to give her. :)

  5. I can't believe how little Raya looks at 11 months, where does the time go!!!! I've said it before, enjoy it because it goes by wayyyyyyyyy to fast!
    Grama F

  6. I love the Valentine's shirts. Tyler likes the Daddy's girl camo one. So we'll see who wins if I win your giveaway :)

  7. I don't know how giveaways work, but if I won I would want the "I love my state" t-shirt! Such a cute idea!

    Your girls are both precious... Luckily neither is different in a "bad" way! I was an angel, my little sister was a tornado, so my little brother came 10 years later!

  8. Thanks everyone!

    And *These Lees*, you entered the giveaway just fine! :-)

  9. I think I if I won I would get a monogrammed named shirt for my nephew.

  10. yes yes, EVERY kid is SO different! I have four girls, and I feel like a totally new mom every time I have one. When people ask "how do you potty train your kids?" I'm like, " I have NO idea!" lol. Each one has done it differently and I've never developed a system that works for more than one :)
    I can't get your etsy shop to load, but if I ever do, I'll come back and let you know which I like best.
    BTW, I added you to my blog roll so I never forget to come back and read your awesome blog!


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