Friday, January 27, 2012

Fashion Friday! ...and some randoms

Today the girls and I went  to the  mall with my mom and my grandma. Originally my mom was just going out with *her* mom, but since our shopping trip last  Friday got cancelled due to snow she invited us along today :-)

My mom bought Raya a prize for being a good girl. Raya  decided she needed a baby doll, which was more than fine with my mom who's  favorite thing is buying dolls! They picked out a baby that  came with a doctor kit, which was funny because I had just  said the other day how Raya doesn't have a doctor kit. I guess it was meant to be.

Here  are the girls tonight playing with the new baby....which my mom and Raya named "Baby Boo"

trying out the baby's "medicine"

Doctor Brielle in the house!

I  have the perfect prescription for this patient....

....she just needs a good beating  with my step stool!

Insert  funny story here. So my mom suggested the name "Baby Boo"---no idea where that came from but it stuck and was kinda cute---so all day at the mall  Raya called her Baby Boo. Well we got home to my moms this afternoon and we asked Raya something  like "do  you remember baby's name" and Raya goes "Baby Boobie!" and said it like 5 times over and over LOL. Great....not weird at all right? ;-)

On a completely random note, our snowman is  melting :-( No arms, or face.....they've melted and fallen off!

Poor guy

And  lastly, Fashion Friday! Today I'm actually going to include a Mama Edition :-)

I don't get dressed  in "real" clothes often anymore...I spend my days in jeans and a sweatshirt (or pjs! :-) but today I actually wore clothes to the mall so I  decided to share with you all  one of my favorite "styles". I'm pretty much obsessed with wearing a super long fitted tank layered underneath a shorter sweater or shirt....and my favorite pattern this winter  has been black  and white/ black and  gray stripes. So I present to you Mama's Fashion Friday outfit of choice:

Bonus points for a little  off the shoulder flare lol. This shirt  actually has  sparkly silver threads weaved in...
it's a super thin shirt and way  comfy. Don't rememeber the brand, but my favorite tanks for layering are the Mossimo
ones from Target. They are usually a round $9 and are the perfect length, way soft and stretchy, and wash up nicely.
Clearly even shutting myself in the girls' bathroom to take pictures in the mirror (classy) was  not enough to keep out my audience....Miss  Raya insisted on joining me :-P

And yes,  the hand on hip pose is super cool.

...and so then began Fashion Friday part 2....kiddie edition :-) Polkadot jumper from Baby Gap.

I  have  identical twins!

Hey, who's that cute  baby  I  see in the mirror?!

Oh, it's ME! Awww, I'm so cute!

Fashion Friday continues lol....heads up, Target  has  some adorable  skinny leggings out right now. They were on sale today 5 for $20 so my mom treated :-) I love the little heart buttons! They had matching  shirts too, but I decided to get all leggings and then make my own shirts and dresses to match for the girls' spring wardrobe.

Since Brielle will  end up with hand me downs this spring I got these all for  Raya---except one
pair of the navy ones are for Brielle :-)

And lastly, I scored an awesome deal on Gymboree Gymmies today. Only one pair left and it was 18-24 month which is perfect for Brielle this summer. Normally their Gymmies (pjs) are $21 or so....which by the way I would NEVER spend because that just seems crazy for pjs to me....but I scored this pair for $3!

And here is  my final Fashion Friday plug. It's very rare to get these  Gymmies for $3, but if you can ever score them for $10 or less  I  most definitely recommend them! Carter's pjs are often that much or more and let me just say, this is one area where you get what you pay for and Gymboree pjs are the absolute highest quality. When I pulled out all  of Raya's hand me down pjs after Brielle was born I remember even my mom saying how crazy the difference  was between Gymboree pjs and others such as Carters, old navy, target, etc....the Gymboree ones held up so much better---they still  looked new! They don't fade, shrink, etc. like others and they are a much thicker and nicer material than any of the others.

Let's end with some more cute  pics from today, shall we?

Raya insisted on eating with sissy today.  They  are so stinkin'  cute together!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. I love that sweater on you!!!!!! I thought baby Boo was a cute name until Raya renamed her!!!!!!!
    Grama F

    1. I though she doesn't talk about (my) boobs enough as it is! ;-)

  2. Love the dr kit!
    I like your shirt, cute!
    I might have to head over to Target tomorrow & get some of those leggings for the girls. They are very cute.

    1. You should! They are even cuter in person :-)

  3. Lookin' hott, Mama! Your girls are cute as always!

  4. Oh, those polka dotted dresses are SO cute! I wish I had a little girl to dress up!

    You're looking pretty good yourself! :)


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