Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Grab your hand sanitizer and stay awhile

No really, go grab your hand sanitizer. Now bathe in it. Maybe drink some too, for good measure. Only then will you be protected enough to read this entry. Because  at this point I've decided that our household is so germ infested you may even catch something through your computer :-P

Last night Lee came home from work early and wasn't feeling great. He took a nap and then woke up feeling awful. Now at this point let's just say that thank god women have babies, and not men, because men are BIG WIMPS. So take this  all with a grain of salt, but Lee *was* puking and moaning and writheing in pain last night so I have no doubt he was really sick. However the man drama that  accompanied said illness was enough to drive  me crazy! lol He stayed home from work today and I spent the day batheing in hand sanitizer, so fingers crossed that  I  don't  catch some sort of mutated form of whatever the girls and I have already gotten over!

Needless to  say I was feeling very germaphobic today and did things like steam mop my kitchen floors, trying to kill off the little puke inducing germs. But  then I looked over at my darling baby and saw the true germ spreading culprit...

Seriously?! She sneaks into  our cupboards and pre-licks all  of our silverware?!

Hmmm, which should I lick first?

Both of them!

Oh yeah, get them nice and germy....

Anyone want to come over for  dinner  at our house? :-P

In other news, news that  *also* makes me feel  dirty and germ infested....we've started potty training again. Ugh. Diapers are sooo much easier (for Mama anyways!). I really have  decided that I despise potty training. Raya is  ready and capable but I am lazy and unmotivated. I hate cleaning up accidents, I  hate going in the car or in public  with a potty training toddler, and overall the whole thing is pretty crappy (literally). On the upside  though, Raya is more than ready and for her first day this go round she did pretty well. She kept her pants dry about 50% of the time at home but did awesome staying totally dry on our outting to the library and she took  a 3 hour afternoon nap and woke up dry (a first!). She likes to think of herself as a big girl, and hates being called a baby, so we've resorted to mentioning that she is acting like a baby and maybe needs a bottle when she pees in her pants lol. This probably goes against every parenting book known to man but  it seems to help. We also have been rewarding dry pants with time using Daddy's flashlight, which she thinks is the coolest. He told her that  only big girls get to use his flashlight, not babies. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Lastly, since it's related to cleanliness I  thought I'd share...I  added one more  thing to my New Year's resolution list. I've been  doing good on my load of laundry a day thing....and the other day I saw this blog  on Pinterest that had a "52 week organized home challenge" that tons of people were joining now at the start of the new year. It's actually  really  cool! Each week they will email you the week's "challenge" and you can work  on it. I'm doing it low key and just as much as I  can fit in my schedule, but it's nice for someone else to kind of plan the year for me as far as organizing goes. This week is kitchen counters! Check  out this week's challenge here: kitchen organization  I really like that she gives you lots of information about why it's imporant and helps you walk through your thinking about how you want to organize to best  suit  *your* life.  Totally check  it  out!

I mean, I can't  be the only  one who's counters look like  this:

When we moved into this house one of the things I loved most was all the counter  space! But  lots  of counter space only screams for it to become a junk dumping ground lol. See that corner full of crap? That's our dumping ground. Oy.

Yes, we have  a broken sock monkey toy in our empty fruit basket lol. Lots of mail to be sorted and filed. Contaminated spoons from the munchkin licking maniac. Misc. candy and gum that has no home. Etc.  etc. Clearly I need this organizational challenge!! I'll keep you updated on how it goes :-)

Oh, and see that super cute tote in my pile of junk? That's my latest thirty-one organizing tote (Which will  eventually organize something lol...hey, I just got  it and I'm working on things ;-P) Big shout out to Amy at Mrs. Mommy  ....she sent  this  to me to match the  other utility tote I had won from cool is that?! Definitely check  out her facebook page Amy's thirty-one gifts have to ask  to join, but she will  accept you right  away and then you will be able to see all of her awesome giveaways....she gives out free stuff all the time because she's the coolest so don't miss out! :-)

So there you  have  it...hope you didn't "catch" anything from us today! Maybe go roll around in some bleach or something....ya know, just to be on the safe side. Good luck! hehe


  1. Hope your hubby gets better soon, and you're so right, they are HUGE babies! It is so funny that Brielle licks all the silverware, haha. So precious!

  2. Hahaha, you crack me up! I'm not looking forward to the potty training days. But you'll be a pro so I can just ask you for advice. Hope Lee is feeling better and the germs leave you alone. When does the put everything in your mouth stage end?

    Thanks for the shout out! The spring catalog is coming out and I have to get rid of TONS of stuff so I will be having a giveaway soon! :-)

  3. LOL your cracking me up! I agree men are babies. My hubs just got over being sick, it was like having 3 kids! Hope Lee feels better.

    We have a little desk that we put all of stuff on, it's a HUGE mess!

  4. Oh boy, potty's amazing how fast you forget things once your kids pass that stage. As I was reading your post, I totally had a flashback of it all though! You will get a kick out of this...or maybe you will totally understand, but I carried a potty seat in my purse at all times because my girls did way better sitting on that vs. falling in the big seated toilets! :)

    So, this pinterest organization thing has me very interested! I have already headed over there to check it out! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Sorry your hubby is sick. I hope he gets better fast & there isn't too much more man drama involved (boy do I know all too well about that)!

    I'm intrigued about the 52 week home organization challenge on Pinterest. Off to check it out now.

    Your girls are adorable!

  6. You are hilarious! Ok, so I couldnt find your email address to email you this, but hold the phone you are from IOWA?!?! Which part?!? That's exciting! I've never "met" another blogger from Iowa before... we may be behind here or something :)


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