Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hey, do you like FREE STUFF? Come here!!!

Sorry to  disappoint our fans, but we have no adorable  pictures  to share today :-(  But the good news is that my mom watched  the girls and I was able to run errands! Scored some awesome deals at my favorite consignment store and bought  $200 worth of groceries so I shouldn't have to do *that* hated chore  for awhile now haha. Thanks Grandma!

But  you wanna hear the even better news? I'm feeling generous and I think a FREE GIVEAWAY is in y'alls futures!  (Like my southern twang there? :-)

Ok, so here's the deal. My Etsy shop No Paparazzi Please is now officially reopened! Go check  it out. Lots of great stuff to be had. I've already made a couple sales this afternoon since the reopening and have a couple more in the works....which means that if you want a shorter turnaround time for *your* order you should  get it in fast! The longer you wait the longer my wait list gets....and you don't want your little one to suffer from boring wardrobe syndrome any longer than necessary hehe

And if you want a super  cheap (aka FREE) way to improve your little  one's  wardrobe then you simply must enter my upcoming giveaway! We're going to do this giveaway a little different. It's going to run for a week, and every day between now and then I will post a new way for you to enter! The more times you enter the better your chances of winning, so check back  daily and make sure to get those entries in!!! I  will  choose 2 winners who will each earn a $25 credit in my store--there's a whole lot of awesome that you can  buy for $25 in my store :-)

Ok, so TODAY'S WAY TO ENTER is....go to my etsy shop Facebook page HERE and then comment saying "I want to win!"   Every person to comment on my Facebook page saying "I  want to win!" will  earn 1 entry into the giveaway.

Then check back  tomorrow to learn how you can earn another entry! And I'll have some cute pictures for Fashion Friday as well!


  1. Posted about it on my FB. :)

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