Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How's that workin' for ya?

Anyone else  a fan of Dr.  Phil "isms" ?? Haha.  One of my favorite things he says all the time is  when people come on his show complaining and  making excuses about things in their  life  that they  are unhappy with he always just stops them and bluntly says "how's that  workin' for ya?" As in, sure, make excuses and complain all  you want, but if you aren't getting the results you want  then change  something you are doing, because  what you are doing isn't working!!

And that's how I've  been feeling the last couple days. Maybe it's the fact that it's winter and I'm stuck inside with two kids ages 2 and under (and in the area where we live the things SAHMs do most often are parks and  playgrounds and swimming etc...not really happening this  time of year!).....but  in general the  last  couple days have  been kind of stressful! Brielle is into absolutely  everything now, walking all over and causing messes, Raya has been acting out to get attention more and more  and her new things is throwing toys, etc. when she doesn't  get her way---the other day she threw her PAINT and  got it all over. I was livid :-0.....and my Etsy shop has  been  doing great, but in turn I've been staying up until  at least midnight every night working on orders, and that doesn't  count  all  the time I spend emailing customers  back  and forth with questions and designing custom orders. The  lack  of sleep is wearing  my patience very thin!

Which leads to our  question "how's this all  workin for ya Shawna?"  Well Dr. Phil, thanks for  asking! :-)  It's not. But have  no fear, I have an idea! I  really think  we need a stricter schedule around here. Right  now our days are not  really  planned. I mean, in general  we do one morning a week at the library, one day a week I have Sawyer and Harper, etc.....and the girls  nap at about the same time every day.  I try to do  some laundry and a craft with Raya sometime during the day....But that is the closest thing we have to a schedule and I'm really starting to think we need something much more rigid. It's easy to get really relaxed when you  are staying home, and while  that certainly is a huge  perk  of the job, there is also something to be said for schedules and accountibility I think.

What do you all do as far as schedules? Do you have  them? Please share!

One of the things I miss about working outside the home is to do lists. Yes,  I miss to do lists! There is something very satisfying about checking things off a to-do list. Every check  on the list is an accomplishment and it brings you one step closer to the  end of the work day too. Plus you then have something concrete to sort of prove your day's  productivity. When you stay at home you can work all  day long and never  really feel  you accomplish anything because nothing is every "finished". You may do dishes, laundry, etc.  and yet there  is always more where  that came from!

So my plan is  that  this weekend I want to write out a schedule. Something really detailed, but  of course the benefit of staying home is that  if things come up or we have plans there  is no problem with skipping the  schedule as needed :-) I also think a schedule  will be good for Raya in preparation for school.  I  want  to then make  the schedule a *visual* schedule like they do in classrooms. Something that Raya can see too and help me "check  off" the day's accomplishments. I think  this will eliminate a lot of the downtime that  leads to her acting out too. I'll  let  you all know how it  goes! Once I figure out our schedule I'll  share it too :-) I'm going to also be sure  to build  in maybe  2 set times of the day when I spend 15 minutes dealing with Etsy orders/communications so that it's not constantly interrupting my day.

And now let's  end with some pictures. Cute  pictures of my girls are a great pick-me-up for everyone, right?! Enjoy!

Brielle is the happiest baby in the morning...always full  of smiles!

Lately she always has  to have her hands full  of stuff! Uh oh, maybe she's becoming a toy hoarder! ;-)
In the morning we usually get in a little group teeth brushing session ;-)

Wrong  end!

There ya  go :-)
This next seriest of pictures  cracks me  up. As I was taking pictures  of Miss  Raya (and oblivious to everything else apparently!) see if you can spot what  Brielle is up to! ;-)

Yeah, nothing wrong  with your 1 year old rubbing  her hands (and likely  toothbrush)
all over  the trash can :-P

Yep...she spotted  the plunger...gross!

Oh shit---likely licking said plunger or doing  equally gross things on the floor

Phew! I  see  her arm again! At least the horrors over  by the toilet didn't last  long LOL

...but wasn't  Miss Raya  cute  during her  tooth brush session?! :-)
Brielle, I'm not giving you kisses on that  dirty mouth of yours!!

Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I will!
See, I told you she's into EVERYTHING now!

But  how stinkin' cute is she now that she's a walker and can toddle around  in cute  outfits like this?! ;-)

Although we have no "real" schedule  like I said, contrary to what Lee sometimes thinks we *do* attempt  chores around  the house. Raya loves to help me "fold" washclothes.

Today during  Brielle's morning  nap  we did a craft. Raya helped me with the little heart, hence it's odd appearance lol

We are  getting in the Valentine's day spirit now as February is so close! We did a craft and Brielle dressed festively today. I am also throwing a vday party at my place next Wednesday...I think we have  like 12 kids coming! Should be fun ;-)

Brielle got this  outfit when she was born last year, as a baby gift. It's size 18 months and still pretty big...I have to fold the pants  over! Cute though....and yes, sock monkey balloon is still  going  strong!

Pure happiness

And lastly, Raya and this f-ing makeup LOL. Seriously, she  just got done BATHING in it! She's out of control haha.  No idea why it now  ends up everywhere *except* on her lips!


  1. I think we need to get into a more rigid schedule too cause the girls have been acting out a lot & I snap at them. Brielle looks to cute in her outfit & raya with that makeup made me laugh!

    Thanks for the comment on the play room. That ABC stuff was my little brothers that my mom left behind, so I thought it worked perfect down there.

  2. Remember they don't call them the terrible 2's for nothing, John hit his terrible 2's when he turned 3, maybe Raya takes after him!!!!
    Gotta love that makeup, especially all over her nose, maybe she is starting a new trend!!!!! My pretty little Brielle is just toooo darn cute walking!!!! I better latch all my doors before thursday!!!!
    Grama F

  3. I heard 3 is harder than 2 and kept saying "Really, I doubt it" Then this week happened. LOL! My Raya's not too bad yet, but I definitely get why 3 can be harder- because they refuse to listen! And know it! Uh. Also, the bathroom pictures with Brielle in the background are HILARIOUS! i love photo bombs!

  4. I have a schedule but it's pretty broad and flexible. I'll be interested to see if you get any good ideas here, and I might have to steal them!

    BTW, Raya is hilarious with that makeup. :)

  5. Yeah these are WalMarts new spring Garanimals shirts, they are cute and have like 5 colors. Thank you for the applique tip! I'm going to attempt to make the shirts at nap time, so I'll let you know how it turns out

    1. Cool...I'm definitely going to stock up on white and pink ones for my store! :-)

  6. As you recently read on my blog, I think schedules are pivitol. It really keeps everyone happy. We have an outing EVERY morning and I try to be home as close to noon as possible. Then we have lunch, Jonas goes down for a nap 30 min before Marco while I let Marco watch a little tv. Then Marco takes his nap. They both wake around the same time and then we have snack, coloring, free play until it's time for me to start cooking... at which time, I usually pop on a movie for them. That's our day in a nutshell, every day. And it works great. The kids know what to expect.
    I love love love the idea of doing a chart... I'm gonna have to find a way to do that too!

  7. I'm a list girl too! Love crossing things off as I get them done. Makes me feel so accomplished! Who says you still can't make lists as a SAHM? I still do! Do 2 loads of laundry, clean the bathrooms, dust 3 rooms, etc. That way you feel like you are on some type of schedule & are getting things accomplished throughout the day.


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