Monday, January 23, 2012

I love you, You love me, we're a happy family....

In case you *don't* live with a Barney obsessed toddler, let me point  out that the title of my post  is the theme song to Barney :-) And today Barney and Baby  Bop have been pretty popular  in our house because Raya's new hat arrived today!

This hat was a "just because you're cute and I love spoiling you with my Etsy profit money" gift :-P It's so hard to find Baby Bop stuff and the Etsy seller Karie's Crochet Designs has the cutest character hats!  She makes up the patterns all on her  own and they are adorable.  I can crochet about anything from a pattern, but I can't make up my own patterns like this. Plus, the hat was only  like $16---for that price my time is much more profitable making my own Etsy orders :-) So definitely check  out her shop....unlike the horrible  experience I had with the evil seller of Raya's Baby Bop shirt at Christmas, this seller was wonderful to work with and I'm very impressed with all the details on the hat!

I mean, she crocheted a "glare" on the eyeballs, the hair poking above the bow is crocheted loops,
she included eyebrows,'s just  adorable! Even cuter in person. Raya refuses to  take it off :-)
And the pink  bow matches  her  winter coat perfectly.

Sawyer and Harper wanted to test it out too....Raya released her death grip on the hat *just* long enough!

Now onto other  random picture from our day! Emily had  a school delay so Harper and Sawyer didn't come until  later. Upon arrival we played a little  makeup :-)

They decided the makeup went on their cheeks today. How  "beautiful"!

The babies have been monsters today lol. Brielle is very fussy for some reason. Maybe just her teeth bothering her, otherwise I'm worried maybe her ear infection isn't  cleared up yet. She has a recheck on Thursday.

And Miss Harper...well *she's* been  on a jealous rampage today! LOL. First she was mad that Brielle was in the cozy coupe when she wanted in, so she bitch-slapped Brielle (no really!) and then bit her! But she  got  a mouth full  of Brielle's sweater instead luckily. Then she wanted Raya's  seat and when Raya leaned  forward Harper bit the back  of Raya's  thigh and it turned purple! Poor Raya, I pulled down her pants to look and Sawyer  saw it and goes "that looks kind of purpleish Shawna" haha. Suckers solved that problem though :-P Lastly Harper and Brielle were both sitting on my lap and out of the blue  Harper clawed out Brielle's  eyeball! She doesn't  like lap sharing ;-) So  Missy Moe Harper is on a very short leash today....little stinker.

"Who me?! I'm simply misunderstood."

To end  today, before Sawyer and Harper arrived today I let the girls run wild while  I took pictures ;-) Raya was being so cute and wanting to teach Brielle how to do pattycake and sing songs and do high fives.

Raya wanted to play pattycake with her feet!

If you have a Children's Place  near you be sure  to check it out.  They are having their $2 sales right now...clearancing out lots of winter stuff.  I got this sweater when I was out shopping this weekend...only $2.99!

That right there is reason enough to not  regret having my two girls close in age---they are just too sweet together!
Enjoy your Monday! (Snowy/icy Monday  if you're in Iowa!)


  1. Cute hat.
    I am loving all the pictures of Raya & Brielke together, so sweet!!

  2. OMG!!!!!! That is the cutest hat I have ever seen!!!!!!!
    Poor Harper, she had a bad day, we have to love those babies even on their bad days!!!!!!!When Brielle gets a little older Harper better look out, pay backs are heck!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. Cutest hat EVER! :)

  4. That hat is absolutely adorable! And what a super cute little girl modeling it! :)

  5. What an amazing hat!!!! Happy belated birthday, by the way. I love reading your Blog, but don't do it often enough so I miss things.

    I remember when I was 30 - I'll be 42 (eugh!!!!) next month - yes, I had may babies late - I had to have fertility treatment to get them and they are SOOOOOO special to me.

    I hope you get to make the crochet headband soon!!

    Take care, Jane xxxx

  6. Love the hat! Great find, Raya's a lucky little lady!

  7. Harper is very sorry. When I mentioned biting Brielle and Raya last night she shook her finger and said, "No, no!" (Oh, and then she smiled, but I'm sure somewhere inside she's sorry!)

    1. haha...She's forgiven! Although now Raya has been blaming poor Harper for things she never did. Raya bumped herself and then awhile later blamed it on Harper...I was like "harper's not even here!!!" ;-)


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