Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My job is better than yours!

So after my previous update "Post Holiday Blues" I actually had more than one person say something like "hey, it could  be worse....you could be going back  to work after the holidays *outside* the home!"  ....and man, don't I know it! When I was working there was nothing worse than going back to work after a nice long holiday break. And today my facebook page has been flooded with updates about not wanting to start back to work, sad to leave the kid(s) at the sitter after spending the holidays with them, etc.  etc.

So my lighthearted response to all of you today is, "My job is better than yours!"   na na nah boo boo ;-)

....and here's  why:

1) This week I can stay in my pjs until  noon if I want too---*just* like over holiday break!
2) My "bosses" don't usually  require that I wake up until 7:30am
3) Yesterday for my  first day "back  at work" one  of my job requirements was to paint fingernails....my bosses were ecstatic with my job performance

No idea  how such a pretty girl can have  such
an unattractive  smile!

4) Today my boss's assignment was equally  challenging--making  icecream

5) I'm able  to run errands on company  time and no one complains. Today's outting  was  to the fabric  store where I picked up Valentine's  Day fabric  to make the girls some monogrammed heart shirts (soon to  be listed  in my etsy shop No Paparazzi Please  ...I'm reopening this week!)

Cute right?

Click to enlarge
6) My bosses often  take  me out to lunch...today was Mc Donalds!

7) The conversations heard in the  "lounge" at lunch are hilarious. Yesterday's gem was when Sawyer  looked at Raya and said "you're a pretty beautiful princess Raya!" and Raya looked  at him and said "no, I pooping!" (she was)....at which point Sawyer asks "In your pants?! Are you kidding me Raya?" .followed by Raya's "no"   .....and unfortunately she *wasn't* kidding LOL

8) When my boss is micromanaging me and won't leave me alone my "why are  you following me?!" is answered with an adorable "because I love you" :-)

9) When my bosses get cranky I can just  feed them and all  is well  again...if  that  doesn't work  I can always put them in time out!

10) And lastly, reason 10 (I could go on lol) why my job is way better than yours is....

I usually get at least 2 hours every afternoon to be completely unproductive on company  time, while my bosses nap! No need to worry about my bosses checking up on me unexpectedly either, because they can't get out of their "offices" unless I come open their doors ;-P

So there you have it! Hopefully my fellow stay at home moms got a laugh and, if  needed, a reminder  about why our jobs really are the best! And if you're at work outside of the home right now, be jealous...be very very jealous

.....and now I'm off to change my boss's poopy diaper!    Ok, so maybe this job does have it's low points too :-)


  1. HIGH FIVE, I have the same bosses and I agree we have pretty awesome jobs!

  2. I hate you. :p

    & That conversation between R & S cracked me up.

  3. That was sooo funny when Raya told Sawyer she was pooping and he thought she was teasing !!!!! About as funny as when he told me his underwear were out of place again and I didn't answer him right away. He looked at me and said are you not caring anymore!!!!
    Gotta love those darn babies!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. THAT'S what I was trying to remember that he said! I told Emily he had said something else really funny but I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was!

  5. You are very lucky to be able to stay home, I'm not financially able to do that with my girls. So enjoy every moment and consider yourself very blessed :)

  6. LOL, yes, I did get a very nice laugh out of this. Very well written! We are so lucky, even if we have to change poopy pants! :)

  7. Awesome! Although I have to admit that some days I think I might be a happier person if I got a break from them, like, ever...

    But even if I did, I'd be sitting there wishing I was with them, so never mind!

  8. Found your blog through "Sweet N Sassy Girls" and I love it! I'm part SAHM/part worker and I love my SAHM job MUCH MORE of course. Your girls are adorable!


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