Thursday, January 12, 2012

One Year Check-up and GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

Today Brielle had her 1 year well child exam. I told the doctor that I was concerned because  Brielle has been sick for practically a month now, with various illnesses, etc. And that I had taken her to Urgent Care over New Years and they said it was a virus, etc. Well go figure, today she had a really bad ear infection! Apparently they didn't see that when I took  her to Urgent Care, so who knows how long she's had it, but I feel so bad  now :-( She got meds today so hopefully she's feeling better by the  time of her party. My mom watched the girls today so that I could prepare for the birthday party, and the report was that Brielle was extremely fussy this afternoon. Poor girl.

In other news, Miss Brielle continues to be a petite thing. She's down (percentile wise) in height and weight from her  9 month appointment, and I said that she really hasn't been eating that well the last couple weeks she's been sick so that  might be  a small  part  of it...but in general the doctor said that since she's proportional she's likely just going to be a petite thing. So different from her big sister! So today her stats were (they were a little different from when we went to urgent care, because today they actually took off her clothes and did  it the right  way):

Exactly 20 lbs (33rd %ile)
28 inches (18th %ile)
Head circum. (34th %ile)

Raya was always 80th-90th %ile! lol.

The only other thing that came up was I did ask him about her talking, because she seems "behind" compared to Raya at this age. She doesn't say any words at all really. (She will say Mama and Dada at times, but just as babble....not meaning us.) I think they  usually say by 12-13 months they should  say at least 3 words (usually Mama, Dada, and hi/bye, etc.) Anyways, I did tell him that  I  think the main issue is that she's suffering from 2nd child syndrome! I got to thinking and it's very rare that we sit down one-on-one with Brielle and read her a book for instance. I read books all the time! But they are usually Raya's books and Raya fights to sit  on my lap and Brielle is just crawling around us while we read. The doctor said that's very common and only gets worse the  more kids you have. So now my new goal is to make sure that Brielle gets at least 30 minutes every night of 1-on-1 time and reading books that are at her level, etc. Lee and I can switch off kids so  that Raya isn't always hogging all the attention!

Have  any of you guys found that your second children talked less/later? Any tips for me for building in time for Brielle with a very demanding 2 year old at home?! :-)

***And  now in other news, we have our GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

First  things first, we had a total of 47 different entries over the  course of the  giveaway--yay! I  used the random number  generator to randomly  select the winners and winner #1 (who gets a $25 credit to my shop No Paparazzi Please) is.....

Nicole Avesani   ...congrats!

and  the second winner, who also gets a $25 credit to my shop is.....

Bonnie Brown ...congrats!

Both of you can message me through my Etsy shop to let me know what you'd like for your prizes.

And actually, I found it interesting that my two winners weren't necessarily people who had tons of entries into this giveaway---which means for  all  of you who didn't  enter because you thought the odds weren't  in your favor or you didn't want to do all the different ways to enter, you should totally enter my future giveaways! Because  it only takes one entry to win and*anyone* can win!!!

But I  also got to thinking, I  should totally reward the person who had  the MOST entries into my giveaway. And let me tell you, it was neck and neck.  I really  thought  it was going to be a tie because I had so many people enter who shared my giveaway on facebook and followed my blog and commented on facebook telling me their favorite item from my shop, and blogged about my giveaway, etc....I really  appreciate it! But in the end the person who squeaked out  a win with the most entries into the giveaway was.....

Amy Kattre....congrats!!! You have won 50% off a future purchase with me.

And for everyone else who didn't win this time, be sure to keep following me on Facebook and here on the blog, because you never know when I'll do another giveaway. I love doing them!!! And please use the coupon code "HappyBirthdayBrielle" to get free shipping on your orders for the rest of the week :-)

And I don't think I've shared this yet here, but one of the winners of my last giveaway chose a custom birthday shirt for her little guy as her prize, and  it turned out so cute! Click here to see baby Hudson sporting his mustache bash birthday shirt--he had his professional  pictures taken in it and it turned out adorable!


  1. YAY! So happy I won! I'm kinda on a roll here... LOL. Thanks so much for hosting! :)

  2. I always assumed that my 2nd child wouldn't speak. (because my first talked SO MUCH!) But it turned out the opposite. Taryn won't stop talking!!

    I'm sharing this because, like you, we didn't really read to her one-on-one as much as the first... but she found her voice anyway! So my conclusion is, Brielle will start talking when she has something to say!

    ...But meanwhile, I'm sure she'll enjoy the 30 minutes of one-on-one time, as well. :)

  3. I agree, Brielle is just observing and absorbing, soon she'll be chattering away and we'll be struggling to figure out what the heck some of those words are just like big sis!!!!
    Grama F


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