Monday, January 30, 2012

Pinch Proof

Sorry, I had  *intended* to  do a real  update today, but  instead I  used nap time to work  on a new shirt  design--See Miss Raya? She's officially pinch proof come St.  Patrick's Day! Cute  right? :-)

I  haven't  gotten  these in my Etsy shop quite  yet, but they will  be there later tonight! $18 for a personalized shirt--could do a boy or girl  version. This turned out so so cute,  I  think  all my readers definitely  need one :-P I don't typically  sell as many shirts  for things like vday and st pattys as I  do for say Thanksgiving and Christmas, because  people don't  have  holiday parties and such for these sorts of holidays. However I'm pretty sure your kiddo would love to wear a fun shirt to daycare/school so it's still  a must have! (And you all  remember what I  said about daycare kids in my recent post right? Yeah, don't let *your* daycare  kid have  a "blah" wardrobe at the sitter's house. Send him/her to daycare  in style! hehe) Anyways, check  out my store later  on to purchase!

"I  just  do a little  smile Mama"

What  else? Well  today I mailed  out  FIVE orders! Yes, things have  been nice and steady at the  shop! The mall  back  at my old house still  orders shirts from me for their store and recently they sent me a custom order for birthday  shirts for twins...they wanted a zebra one and a baseball  one (in MN Twins colors).  Cute? I think so! These will also  be listed  in my store soon....a variation from my other birthday  shirts.

What else? Well  I've gotten a few cute pictures of customers  in their tie shirts I made them....thought I'd share!

Here  are brothers --how cute  are they?

And a cute little  customer wearing his  tie  onesie at his birthday  party :-)

And how about this super cute butterfly birthday outfit that  I just mailed today? I LOVE custom  fun!

Then a fellow blogger over at These Lees just did a post recently of her  daughter's first birthday...wearing a onesie and hair clippie I made....check  out the link to see her adorable  baby girl  and the super cute party she planned!

And another fellow blogger Mrs. Mommy just announced her pregnancy and used the Big Sister shirt I made for her as a way to announce it...check out her post to see an adorable picture too!

Lastly, blogger Table for Four was one of the winners of my last giveaway and chose two tie shirts for her boys as her prize! Check out her blog for some pictures of her boys as well! (According to their mom they were being as cooperative of models as my girls usually are haha...but  you all get the idea ;-)

Happy Monday everyone!!!


  1. Cute St Patties shirt!!!! Raya and her smile!!!
    Grama F

  2. Everything is so cute! I'm definitely going to have to buy from you soon. I love everything you just listed! lol. Glad business is doing so good for you! :)

    1. Thanks! You definitely should some time :-)

  3. OMGoodness I need to buy some shirts from you for the girls! You are so creative and all the shirts are so cute!

    1. Thanks! I'd love to make them something some time :-)


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