Sunday, January 1, 2012

Post Holiday Blues

Who else suffers from the post holiday blues  a little bit this time of year? I love Christmas so much that it's a little depressing to put away the decorations and think about waiting a whole other year before we can do it all over again! It's also a big bummer that Lee only has one more day off of work....starting Tuesday it's back to the every day grind! Guess the remaining items on the honey do list  will  have to wait haha

I spent the first half of New Year's Eve day in Urgent Care with Brielle. The night before last the girl screamed every 30 minutes all night long. It was awful. Lee took her from about 11pm until 1am, then I had her 1am-6am, then Lee took her back from 6am-9am. She would sleep for short bits of time and the rest of the time I held her on the couch, etc. She was just an unhappy girl! She was also still dealing with a few leftover symptoms from her Christmas time bug....and I worried about her ears. Finally I decided I couldn't wait  until Tuesday when the doctor's office reopens, so off to Urgent care I went with a very unhappy baby!

Well, after an hour and a half there the official verdict was "virus" and possible teething related pain. I was told to "wait it out" and continue Tylenol. Not the greatest news, but at least I knew it wasn't her ears!

Since I was going to be home with the girls anyways and had no desire to go out for New Years I offered to watch Sawyer and Harper. Harper and Brielle went right to bed but Raya and Sawyer had a "movie party" with some M&Ms and Dora the Explorer LOL.

Thankfully the New Year did end up being a very happy one for me--Brielle slept much  better last night and has been in an overall good mood today--yay! Here are some random pics from today...

Feeding the baby (awww)...

...and then beating her face viciously with  the bottle LOL

Helping me with my New Years resolution--laundry! Baby "styling" by daddy :-P

Gunner glamour-shot by Daddy :-)
That's all I've got for you all today! See, I told you I've got the post holiday blues! ...and the #1 symptom is boring and pointless blog updates LOL.


  1. I was just sitting here thinking about how bummed I am to have to start back into the real world again on Tuesday. Joe goes back to work as well and well, I guess that means we should probably start our routine back up at home. :(

    Your dog has the most beautiful eyes!!

  2. Gunner does have pretty eyes, but nothing in comparison to my pretty little Brielle!!!! I bet Raya thought she was in heaven when she found out she got candy and cookies and a movie right before bed!!!
    Grama F

  3. Poor brielle! that does not sound fun at all. Hudson has had a little virus and lost his voice..thankfully he is all back to normal now :D


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