Thursday, January 19, 2012


So a much of a bummer as it is that  Brielle's Aunt  Megan and Uncle Shawn live states away from us, the plus side is that Miss Brielle got to continue her birthday party today when her  gift from them arrived in the mail!

And of course Miss Raya was convinced the gift was for her....and she was pumped.

Once Raya released her  death grip on the present Brielle was able to get a look  too!

She thought the packing paper was pretty cool too! jingly ball

Raya was "teaching" Brielle how to drop the balls down the ramp

Brielle was a quick learner!

So thanks Aunt  Megan and Uncle  Shawn!! And also thanks to cousin Ryan of course! Since they weren't able to attend our party and be memoralized in the girls' blog I thought I'd share this picture of baby Ryan that Megan just posted on Facebook  today...that  way the girls have some proof of his existance in "celebrating" with them :-)

Isn't he just a doll?

And to end today, since I  didn't post pictures the  last  couple days I have these from Tuesday that I've been saving---from our bed  jumping session while Sawyer was at preschool :-P

Brielle was wearing a shirt with a hood, and I always get a kick out of watching her try to take her hood  off LOL

Cousin kisses!

While Brielle and Harper were being cute and loveable my oldest child was being evil...or being 2 years old....kind of the same thing :-P

She was sassing me LOL...little spitfire!

But  then she flashes me those big  brown eyes and says "you're my favorite Mama"
I'm in trouble.

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  1. Great pics of the girls!!!!!!I need to get copies of all those!!!!!!
    Grama F


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