Friday, January 20, 2012

Reasons why it's AWESOME to be 30!

Ok, so today I  turned 30. Yeah, it's crazy right?! Turning 30 is a pretty big milestone birthday. You're halfway to 60. I read a statistic that  at 30 you are officially older than 47% of the  population. At 30 you are middle aged. Frankly, for all  intensive purposes you're  practically dead at 30 right? :-P Ok, so maybe I'm not *that* old, but at first thought I did have trouble thinking of anything good that comes from turning 30. Upon further thought though I came up with a few reasons why I think being 30 is waaaaaay better than being 20....and here's why:

Reasons why being 20 sucks and turning 30 is way better!

1) In my 20s I  was chasing down the life I wanted to have, but now that I'm 30 I have  it! Much of my 20s was spent trying to get a husband, a house, a job, pets, kids.....and now at age 30 I  can sit back  and actually enjoy everything that I've been chasing for the last 10 years!

2) Much of my 20s were spent in college/grad school. I could not  be happier to be  30 and *not* be in school or have homework of any kind!

3) In my 20s I  cared more about what people thought. It was important to "impress", whether it be to get in with the cool people at school/work, try to impress your boyfriend/land a man, etc. In my 30s I no longer have  to do any of that! I can (and often do) leave the house and go into town wearing sweats and no makeup. In college I'd need  to do my hair and  makeup to walk down the hall to the public  bathroom practically :-P  Ahhhh, the freedom of not caring anymore!

4) There is a certain degree of respect  that you start  to get in your 30s. You have  30 years of experience under your belt. People automatically take you more seriously now. When you say you're 20-something people view you as young and inexperienced. Being 30 means you are wise.

5) You've had 10 years to make mistakes in your 20s. You've learned from them, and now in your 30s you are smarter and unlikely  to make many of those  mistakes  again!

6) Now when you're talking to your younger friends and family you can say things like "oh, I remember back when *I* was in my 20s....."

7) Mentally you get a fresh start.  Your 20s are done and over with. You have  a full  decade in front of you to start anew.

8) Now if I'm out at a bar  and get carded I am convinced that  I'm super young and attractive looking. It's no longer an insult  lol.

9) 30 is the new  20.

10) And perhaps the *best* reason why being 30 is waaaay better  than being 20? When I turned 20 I don't  even remember what I did for my birthday. Probably dinner out with friends and/or family.

.....but when I turned 30? My daughter (yes, daughter! I'm 30 now and I'm a mom, that's awesome in and of itself!) made me a "beautiful" birthday cake, just for me. That alone is reason enough to be happy about turning 30, don't you think?!

Yesterday the girls were at my mom's and  Raya made me a birthday card (she sprinkled  rice on the glitter glue words)
and she  made me a cake, which she decorated all by herself! Look closely and you can see 100s of finger lick marks all 
around the edges of the cake. Mom told her she  could eat the sprinkles that fell onto the plate and so my mom said
she'd sneakily make sure her  finger swiped the frosting as she went for the fallen sprinkles LOL

Thankfully  my mom made me a chocolate layer cake (my fav!) that was finger print free haha. 

Raya had no problem digging into  her  speacial cake though!

Here she is with the special birthday  card she made me

The scariest smile to date? Yep, I think so!
Yum :-)

Funny story about the cake. When my mom came to pick Raya up to take her  to her house she told Raya she had a *secret* to tell  her...and she whispered something in her ear. Well fast forward to when they left and I said "Bye Raya, have fun with Grandma today!" and she looked back  at me and said "Yeah, we're making Mama a birthday cake!!"  hahaha. Note to self, your secret is no longer safe with Miss  Raya.

Today my mom was going to take  me out shopping for  my birthday. But as it does EVERY year on my birthday, it snowed. A lot. So  my mom came over this morning and we were all snowed in together. Which was great because even though our shopping trip was postponed at least I was able to have some kid free time and I got a lot more Etsy orders made!

And the girls had fun with Grandma today

I  got a picture  with the girls too. And let me tell you, it's  awesome. I  might blow it up into an 11x14 or something. I can't  decide  what I like better though---the fact that my face is kinda blurry, Brielle is crying (sorta looks like a smile, no?), I have no makeup on, or Raya's  crazy smile....I think  it's a 4-way tie! ;-)

Tonight Raya and I  tried a little birthday photoshoot...

After the girls went to bed  Lee hung up my new birthday  gifts....he brought me home 2 new peices of wall art! I really  wanted some more wall art for my birthday, and he actually did a great job picking things out.

He got me this giant canvas painting, which we hung above our staircase

And he got  me this  collage  frame which matches my curtains really well...we hung  it on the right  side of our living room picture window

I  need to  print some pictures for the  frame now. I think I'm going to do
black and white ones, like  the examples.
Tomorrow my mom is babysitting again so that  Lee  can take me out for my birthday. I think we might  go see the movie  "girl with the dragon tattoo"....and then we'll definitely  be doing dinner out somewhere nice!

So  all in all it has been  a good 30th birthday. Can't be depressed about turning 30 when I have some very special little girls to celebrate with :-)

(And yes, it's  Fashion Friday! I'm not  going to do a "real" Fashion Friday post  since it's  my birthday, but I will share a few of my Etsy creations (  my shop ) from the last couple of days. Business has been good and I'm loving all the custom orders I've been getting!

Have a great weekend everyone! And hey, if you're already 30 why don't  you share with me an additional  reason why I should  be lovin' this birthday! Anything else that  rocks about turning 30 that  I haven't thought of? ;-)


  1. Your etsy stuff is adorable! What kind of machine do you have? And Happy 30th Birthday! 30 is the new 20 anyway, so no worries =)

  2. Those are great reasons. I hope you don't look down upon me I'll be 28 on my birthday in a few days...LOL

    Love that painting Lee got for you & that frame. Good job to him. Have a great time on your date tomorrow!

    1. Oh, I'm totally soooo much more mature than you're practically a baby at only 28! haha ;-)

  3. Just think, in 10 years 40 will be the new 30. -Charlette

  4. Wow did Lee do a great job picking out your gifts!!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!! Hard to believe it has been 30 years since I called my mom and said,( I got my girl and she has curls!) I was right about the sex, but when they washed the goop out of your hair it was stick straight!!!!
    Grama F

  5. Thanks for all those reasons why 30 is the new 20... I turn 30 in December and I'm already freaking about it... probably because my Husband will only be 26. But you're right... we are wiser, more experience, womanly and confident. Booya, 20 year old skanks... you ain't got nothin' on this! LOL

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great time and a great cake. (Oh, and PS- I am in love with that mustache shirt. So cute!)

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Those are all such great reasons! & I LOVE that painting. Glad you had such a great day.

  8. We are only 4 months apart! I turned 30 in Sept., but I still have a hard time admitting it. Your list of reasons helped though! :)

  9. Happy Birthday! I think the best thing ever is getting a birthday cake from your DAUGHTER! i love that you say it, like can you believe it?! cause i'm the SAME WAY :) sounds like you had a perfect 30th. i turn 30 this year too. i hope i'll be as excited when it gets closer. lol. ps-the bday pic of you and the girls is super cute. brielle totally looks like she's smiling.


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