Thursday, January 26, 2012

Something smells fishy around here

....and it's  our kitchen! (gag)

If you know me in real life you know that  I hate seafood of any kind. I can eat the occassional  fish stick (because lets face it, those don't taste like fish. I question whether there is even real fish in them lol) and I can eat some fast  food fish like from mcdonalds or whatever (because once's  tastes like greasy batter, not  fish. I like  greasy batter ;-) But any sort of *real* fish, or god forbid something really gross like s hrimp or lobster or crab (well, except crag ragoons....but once again, how much crab are in those things lol) ....anything else makes me gag and is just plain yucky! Salmon? Puke. Cod? Barf.

.....and fish that Lee caught  himself, fresh out of the water? Double yuck.

But guess  what? Lee was in seventh heaven last  night because apparently Daddy's girls LOVE fish. Good for them. I'll  take  pictures while I eat a hot dog! hehe

Daddy's Girls--they got his  looks *and* his  taste buds apparently :-)
In other  news, Miss Brielle is a monkey. Yesterday she drug Raya's stepstool from the bathroom to the table, climbed up, and was trying to eat Raya's food off the table!

Today we hung out with Grandma and Sawyer and Harper for a little bit. Every time Sawyer leaves my mom's he "packs a bag" to take with him. Usually fruit chews and a juice  box. Well Raya has caught on and decided that she needs to do this too. However the girl hates  juice. SHe only drinks water and white milk. But she wants to like juice  like Sawyer so bad. Today was the 3rd time she's insisted on taking a juice box. I always tell her "but  Raya, you don't like juice" and she says "I just try Mama" lol. So today, once again, she tried her little  heart out ...she  wanted to like it so bad. She drank about half and then said "Mama, I not like juice anymore. I want water please." haha. You get an A for effort Raya!

And guess what? Poor Brielle  had her  ear recheck  today (she had an ear infection 2 weeks ago and I asked them to recheck to make sure the meds worked)....well today she *still* has a double ear infection! They said  it's not  as bad now, but she needs another round of meds...a different kind to try this time. I  had a hunch that  the infection wasn't gone because she finished the meds on Monday and immediately after started sleeping horrible again. Hopefully  this next round works!

Poor baby

She felt better though when her new shoes from Grandma arrived today. My mom offered to buy Brielle some "real" shoes now that she's kinda walking (she'll go across a whole room now! But still likes to crawl too). Brielle is wearing size 3, almost 4 right now, and all of Raya's size 4 shoes were summer sandals! Go figure. So all of our winter shoes were size 5 or bigger, which are huge on Brielle. So now thanks to Grandma she is the proud new owner of some cute pink and white Pumas!

Thanks Grandma! She  tested them out this afternoon....they stay on her feet really well! (Seriously, does  anyone else have a hard time finding good baby shoes? My mom had  been looking forever, we tried a bunch on, I bought a pair of Sketchers that wouldn't stay on her feet so I have to take them back, then my mom ordered some Stride Rites that are supposed  to be really good for new  walkers, but  they  fit  so weird they wouldn't even go on Brielle's feet! Finally we  have a winner with these Pumas :-)

That's all I got for today! Oh, I guess I'll share a funny story that I posted on Facebook yesterday. So Raya's new thing is she needs to go to the bathroom in "privacy". She got that from Sawyer haha. So anyways, she always tells me "Big girls need privacy"....but yet *I* continue to pee with an audience every single day. So I  asked her "Why doesn't Mama get privacy?" and she said "Only big girls get privacy Mama. You're not a big're just  tall." 

Good to know. LOL.


  1. I've never eaten fish caught fresh. I do like sushi and shrimp but nothing else. LOL

    Those are cute pumas. Keira is in the same boat, she's in a size 4 and all of Kaylee's size 4s are summer sandals too. I got Keira a pair of vans and they stay on her feet and she walks pretty well in them.

    Hope this round of meds gets rid of Brielle's ear infection, no fun.

    1. Sushi is my most hated of them all! ;-)

      I've never tried vans I don't think. Maybe I should try those for the next pair.

      Thanks! I hope this is the end of the ear infection too!

  2. You gotta love Raya , she tries soooo hard to do everything Sawyer does, that pic with her drinking that juice is priceless!!!! I'm glad we finally found a pair of tennis shoes for my pretty little Brielle!!!!
    Grama F

  3. Brielle looks so adorable in her new shoesies! We have had success with the "Smaller" brand by See Kai Run as far as fit and comfort. They start looking worn kinda fast, but my kid also pounds the pavement pretty hard, haha! And we have the same size issue - we are 3s, not quite 4s. She got 2 pairs of Tom's in size 4 for Christmas, so I'm interested to see how those fare. We'll have to pick up some Pumas!

    So funny about seafood - I think you either love it or hate it! We are obsessed in our house!

  4. Raya doesn't like juice!! Consider yourself lucky! My 2-year-old is addicted and asked for it ALL the time! So we cut her off. Neither of my kids will drink water, other than at night. Keep it up Raya!!

  5. Oh... and I'm the exact same as you when it comes to see food! I only eat "fake" fish as well!


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