Friday, January 13, 2012

This mug's a money-maker

Raya never "poses" when I take her picture....she  just  stands  there and does her now signature, god foresaken cheesy smile LOL. So  today I thought maybe I'd explain to her how to pose. I told her to lay on her  belly and put her  head  in her hands.

What followed was a photoshoot that had me practically rolling on the floor laughing. I mean, clearly she's a natural model. Baby Gap  will certainly soon be calling.

Believe it or not, this was actually  her  "smile"
So  then I decided maybe resting the weight  of her big  old head in her  hands wasn't going to be  her go-to pose LOL.

When she flashed me this  one I was pleasntly  surprised to see she did have a tiny glimmer of modeling hope :-P

If you are wondering what's on her chin in all  these  pictures it's  her lipstick, which she had  to
apply before her photoshoot. That damn makeup is going to be the death of me LOL
And now a few more randoms from our photoshoot.  To all of you big name companies looking for models feel free  to call us at 1-800-HOPELESS :-)

And now that I've probably made  you all jealous by flaunting Raya's abilities, let's move on hehe. Yesterday we got our first big snowfall of the year--finally! We had one tiny snowfall previously  that all  melted in a day. We  live in Iowa...this is crazy long to wait for snow and Miss Raya was getting anxious! When she saw this snow she was so excited...she said "mama, I make snowman and need a carrot for his  nose! Do you have carrots Mama?" LOL

So today I  took both girls  out to "enjoy" the snow. Error number 1, I dressed Brielle first. Big  Mistake. She looked like that poor kid from A Christmas know the one crying "I  can't  put my arms down!"  ....well, Brielle was pissed off about her bundled up attire and she proceeded to scream while I dressed Raya. Next time, note to self, dress in order from oldest to youngest haha. Error number 2, thinking that  we might actually spend more time outside than time we spent getting dressed to go outside! Yeah, didn't happen. Brielle was complete unimpressed with anything to do with the snow, and Raya loved it---but  only  as long as she stood on the driveway and threw snowballs from there. She didn't like walking in the actual snow because it was too deep.

Oh well! I did  take some pictures of our adventure though. Enjoy!

Sledding...not the  hit  I thought it'd be!

Throwing a snowball. And  go  figure, Raya threw  one right  in sissy's  face (trying to play)
and right as I was getting ready to scold her for not being careful I hear Brielle start giggling! The only
time Brielle showed any sign of enjoying herself outside was after being hit in the face
with a snowball! :-P

It's f-ing cold  out--let's go inside!

I  can't win. Time to go inside so that Brielle stops crying, which in turn causes
Raya to start tantruming because she *doesn't* want to come in!
And lastly, I almost  forgot today is fashion Friday! I've already shared enough pictures today so instead of featuring a clothing brand that  we own (and can model for you all) I will  instead share a brand that  we *wish* we owned! Haha. And that brand  would be Hanna Andersson   Their stuff is soooo cute...but  pricey. I vow to  own some of this brand at some point, but it will  be by getting it used on ebay :-)  However if you have splurge money  and want  to buy new I  suggest checking out their website!

Their style I would say is characterized by mixing patterns, colors, and prints in unexpected ways. Here are a few of my favorite spring looks from their website

They also have infant sizes. They  do have boy  stuff but I am not  wowed by it. Now that could  be my general apathy for boy clothes as a whole LOL...but  in general I don't see much of their boy  stuff that stands out.

Hope you enjoyed my budding model, our snow play, and  Fashion Friday!


  1. I don't know... with that Adidas outfit on, perhaps next time you should try "the runner" pose. It's sure to work, right?

  2. P.S. I think Brielle is the one with the modeling career possibilities... whenever I'm out shopping, I keep thinking I see her face on toy boxes! She looks like a lot of little baby models out there... Big eyes and pinchable cheeks!

  3. LOL oh Raya you are to cute! I love it.
    I think if we got snow here my girls would be the same way, I'd spend more time getting them dressed then actually being outside! Haha

    Have a great weekend

  4. LOL...Cheri, when Raya "runs" it's far from graceful or attractive--she's a solid little thing! :-)I agree about Brielle!

    Joeylee, I think Miss Kaylee needs to teach Raya how to do poses that aren't borderline scary :-P

  5. Ha! LOVE Raya's photo shoot! Looks like one of ours! Kennedy is just now getting out of the awkward smile phase...right when Ashby is getting into it. :)

  6. OMG!!!!! I was eating dinner when I started this post, when I came to that first pic of Raya I nearly choked!!!!!!Funny stuff!!!!You just got to love that kid!!!
    Grama F


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