Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wanna have a quickie?

....a quickie blog  update that is! :-) No pictures tonight, too  tired to update much, coming down with a cold (seriously, Raya and Brielle sound like they smoke a pack  a day---we just cannot kick these illnesses!) .....I  think it'll be an early  bedtime tonight for me haha.

BUT, I wanted  to remind everyone about my GIVEAWAY (sick of hearing about it yet?) and let you know that  today is catch up day. No new  ways to enter, but make sure you all have your 3-4 entries in! I'm not sure yet what  day this week I'm going to close  the giveaway and announce a winner....but when the mood strikes I'm going to do it--don't find yourself having missed out!

So, you should all have done the following: 1) comment on my facebook page saying "I want to win!" 2) be a follower  of my blog and comment here (or on facebook) telling me "I'm a follower!" and 3) post about my giveaway (including a link to my  blog) on your Facebook and/or on your own personal blog....then let me know you did so!

On another note, Raya  had  ZERO ACCIDENTS TODAY! My mom took me and the girls into  town today and we were gone from about 10am until 3ish pm...and Raya stayed dry the entire time, asked to go potty on her own without reminders, and simply did awesome.I'm so proud of her. No more diapers for her! Well, except at night---she's no where  close to waking up dry so  we'll  wait on that awhile :-)

To end, wanna see some of my recent Pinterest pins? You should all follow me on Pinterest! Here are some of my recent favorite  pins.

This Pottery Barn Kids clock  would be perfect for the girls' bedroom

The next kid's room I decorate must have an argyle wall! I  wonder if it's as complicated to do as it looks?!

I wish I was this creative! Spray painted crib mattress spring turned into  a bulletin board of sorts

How cool is it to have  "mailboxes" for  each member  of the family?! Let  them  all  deal with their own stuff AND keep your counters clear!

I need to  crochet  a headband like this, don't you think?

I have this argyle  fabric and I use it  to make tie onesies....but I  thought  it was so creative  (and cute!) to use it for a girl!

I've decided  that if  I have a 3rd child, and it ends up being a girl, her "thing" will be elephants haha. Raya is owls, Brielle is sock monkeys, and hypothetical girl #3 could be elephants and wear something adorable like this! (there is a ton of cute elephant stuff out)

...and one more for tonight, I've actually pinned  a couple fashion things  for myself recently! I'm especially loving how you can pair my two favorite "colors" black and brown together haha. Yes, I'm living on the wild side, but it's so cute!


  1. Loving that argyle outfit, so adorable!!!

    Hope you guys feel better soon

  2. Emily would love that argyle material for Harper!!!! I've always loved black and brown together, I guess now I'm cool!!!!
    Love all those cool organizing ideas!!!
    Grama F

  3. That crocheted headband was what I was talking about! If you want Harps to have any chance of wearing a headband, you should make one of those for her! :)

    By the way, I'm a follower, but it isn't showing it on your page. Don't know what is up.


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