Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We Get Around

...and around and around and around! Today we've been running all  over---to the post office, the library, the  grocery store, etc. And Miss Raya has  proudly worn her Baby Bop hat everywhere. No matter where we've gone everyone stops to tell  her how much they love her hat--and then she says "It's Baby Bop!" ....which is always met with blank stares because no one ever knows who the hell Baby Bop is LOL. Then i have to step in and explain that it's a character on Barney. Poor Raya....no one else can quite share her *full* excitement! But at least they all think  the random green dino hat is cute :-P

On another note, do you know what  I found myself thinking while we were out and about running errands  this morning? I was thinking/planning the HUGE party I'm going to have when all  my kids are old enough to climb in and buckle themselves in the car! Seriously, it's  going to be a party to remember. Do you all realize how much time I'll save?! I'll probably be able to start doing all sorts of other things  like  cooking and cleaning in the time it'll free up. Ok, probably still  won't do that....but I'm still  dreaming about the day I can climb into my car without a 10 minute session of buckling the back  seat! :-)

Today Raya and I played our new "Where is Sock Monkey?" game. Lee randomly brought it  home the other  day--how nice of him to think of us! Raya can't quite play by the  rules (there are clue cards you get to narrow down the hiding places and then a timer to search etc.) but she loved having me hide the  monkey so she could  go look  for him!

Looking for him in the kitchen

Found him!

Sneaky guy was in a shoe!
Lastly, today at the library we got some books about snow.  In one of the books they were cutting out snowflakes, and I got to thinking that sounded fun!. So Raya helped me cut some out and then tape them on our window....it's a winter  wonderland around here people! I had  forgotten how fun those are to make!

Hanging up the  masterpieces!


Brielle  was mighty upset that we hung them up out of her reach!

You guys  suck.

 What did *you* all  do today? Hope you made it a good one! :-)


  1. We're big fans of the homemade snowflakes too. The only problem is that I get sucked in and wind up making 49 snowflakes that the kids want me to hang all over the house! Ugh!

  2. That hat is amazing. I'm going to have to make snowflakes too now!

  3. Brielles face in that last picture is priceless. :D

  4. You can just tell how special Raya feels when wearing her new hat!!!!
    Grama F

  5. That does deserve a party! My R is just starting to do that, and on days when she doesn't feel like doing it herself, I am really bummed out inside! :)

  6. Ashby & I ran a bunch of errands today too while Kennedy was at school. And I'm with you about having a party when they can all buckle themselves in! It's even worse here where it rains 99.9% of the time. So not only does it take forever to get them both bucked it, I'm getting soaking wet too (like today). Fun times! :)


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