Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What would you like to know?

So the last 2 days I've been babysitting Sawyer  and Harper because their other cousins have been sick and so Emily's sister and I switched  daycare days. So I've been busy! I have taken a few cute pictures today but don't feel like uploading them right now LOL...so instead I'm stealing/borrowing an idea from blogger friend Sweet N Sassy Girls to do another Ask Me Anything post (I  think I've done one in the past, but I'm sure you can all come up with a few more questions LOL)

So, what do  you want to know about me/my family/my life/my talents/opinions/etc? Ask me anything and I'll answer :-)


  1. I am a new follower, as you know, so if you did this post before, I am sure some of the questions I have are ones you have been asked and may have already answered. But, I will ask some:

    1. Can you share the story of the first time you and your hubby met?
    2. When did you know he was the one for you?
    3. How did he propose?
    4. How did you announce your pregnancies to your family and friends?

    Those are just a few of the ones I came up with. :)

  2. Is baby #3 in the near future??? :)
    Do you work out? If so, WHEN?!

  3. Good idea, Shawna! Hmmm...

    1. How did you choose the girls' names?
    2. Other than blogging and sewing, what is something you're really good at?
    3. What's something you're really bad at? (Please don't ever ask me this question!)

  4. * Do you see baby #3 in your future?
    * What are your favorite TV shows?
    * What are your best qualities as a wife & mother?
    * What is your dream date with your man?
    * Your favorite recipe?

  5. I don't have any questions, but am looking forward to your answers of the above :)


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