Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A new do, a new you

We attempted cousins pictures again, per our wednesday ritual. Didn't  go so well  today though LOL---see for yourself!

After seeing Brielle on Sawyer's  lap above, Raya insisted on sitting on his "lap" too haha
The girl needs to hit  a growth spurt soon---she's a solid little thing! I swear, I don't think she's grown at all  in height in like a year.

And they're  done :-P
Brielle rolled around on the couch for awhile----and got static hair ;-)

THen she tried to stand  up, and I got this hilarious picture of her  mid-fall hehe

And attempt at a sister photoshoot  also  bombed  today...

And so  we moved  on from photos and instead played hair stylist to the child stars! Long time readers may remember the 2 awesome haircuts I've given Raya in her lifetime :-).....well Sawyer's hair  has been looking mighty unruly and his parents wanted it cut---so this morning I worked on giving him a short boy cut, per his mom's request. I think it turned out cute! Such a drastic change takes a little getting used to, but  his hair looks so much healthier now and his look is more refined and studly hehe.

I needed him to model my Easter tie shirt  sample, so he obliged ;-)

Doesn't the angle  of this photo kind of make him look like a bobble head ? ;-)

Here he was eating his post haircut  yogurt reward...

And lastly, Grandma found Raya this super  cute  Pumpkin Patch skirt (I reviewed this  brand on one of my earlier Fashion Fridays)  at the second hand store last weekend----Raya was a hot  mess this  morning, but here you go Grandma---you can kinda  see how it fits! ;-)

That's all I've  got for today! Call soon to book your next haircut with me :-) Sawyer  gives me rave reviews because he doesn't  have  to comb his hair anymore and he liked the "rain" dripping on him during the haircut (water drips) LOL.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tantrum progression

Raya is at that age where tantrums are constant. The funny thing with her though is that her tantrums are so half-hearted haha. It's like she knows she's being ridiculous, but she just has to try anyways.

Well  normally she lays down for a nap without a problem, but today when I came back from laying Brielle  down I couldn't find Raya. After some looking I found her hiding under the dining room table

When I found  her I tried to get her to come out and she  gave me "the hand"

Please excuse the photo quality of all these pictures---my camera settings are all messed up and I haven't
had time to fix them haha

Then, typical  to her normal tantrums, she starts to think it's funny...

But  then when  she realizes that  this "tantrum" game *will* be ending in a nap, she gets mad again haha

She gives being sweet and funny one last shot....

And then Mama's "stern voice" comes out and  Raya starts her fake crying

Then it's  time for her  signature tantrum move----hitting the air and making the "uh! Uh! UH!" noise with every swat :-P 

And then the big finale---the thing that ends  every tantrum because we send her to timeout lol. .....throwing toys! I  don't  mind her fake crying, hitting the air, etc....but when she throws a toy it's all over for her and she knows it. Here  is the look she gives us immediately after throwing the toy---it's the look that  says "yeah, I did it....whatcha gonna do about it?"

So there you have it. She's cute and lovable  (most  of the time) but  2 year  olds and tantrums are  like PB & J....they just  go hand in hand!

I blame evolution for her big  brown eyes. Certainly those things saved toddlers in the caveman days from being fed to the lions by their worn out mothers! ;-)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Genetic Jackpot

I swear, both my girls are adorable, but  I think Miss Brielle hit the genetic jackpot if I do say so myself :-)

Rolling her  eyes at  me!

Naughty girl, standing on the chair!
This photoshoot took place *after* I fed her an entire thing of yogurt.....because  the girl woke up on the wrong side of the crib after her nap!

So far, so good with lion paci :-)
After our photoshoot she heard Raya  wake up from her which point the giggling and squealing started, as she RAN down the hall to go get Raya. She just adores big sister!

When we got to Miss Raya,  she  made  some funny faces for us :-)

Then Brielle decided she needed to get her sock monkey blanket out of her room....she's becoming quite  fond of her  sock monkey blanket!

To end, here is Miss Raya kissing  her  special treat---I bought her pudding  cups, something  I've never done. She was thrilled  to say the least :-)

That's all  I've got for you all  today---nothing earth shattering! I'm still under the weather with a cold and I'm trying to clean up our mess of a house that looks like a tornado hit (after Lee watching the girls and holding down the fort yesterday---let's just say he's not a very clean house-husband ;-)

See exhibit A from this morning---the state of  affairs in our main living area after a day with daddy!

Later everyone!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Open Enrollment

We're now accepting  open enrollment for students in Lee's Sunday school class! LOL. Itinerary usually consists of singing every version of "This little  light of mine" available on youtube, followed by some Veggie Tales. :-)

As I think I've mentioned before I  am not  religious and although Lee is, we don't currently attend church unless  visiting family or something.  Although I am not  religious I do support the girls learning about *all* religions and having a general knowledge of those  things---so when Lee said he wanted to start doing "sunday school" on Sunday mornings with the girls I thought that was a great idea (plus it gives mama a break hehe). Today was the 2nd or 3rd week he's done it and I must  say, it's pretty cute listening to Raya sing "this little  light of mine", which is by far her  favorite song so far. Brielle has no  interest really  yet, but she's quite a Daddy's  Girl in general and enjoys sitting on his lap these mornings.

Aren't they cute?

Griffin doesn't sing :-P

It was really cute when Raya moved closer to the tv to do her sing-a-long-----she's a very dedicated student! lol

Is there by  chance any of my readers in a similiar situation with teaching religion when  they aren't particulary religious/don't go to church regularly? There actually aren't that many of our close family and friends who *are* really religious so it's not uncommon in my circle not  to go to church, but I want the girls to have a general understanding when they are older. Plus, an interesting topic  arose when I roadtripped to Ikea this past week. My sister-in-law (who also doesn't  go to church) is a teacher  and said that there is actually some "religious bullying" that occurs in her school (and I'm sure other  schools too)....particularly when students who  do attend church try to "save" other students and basically tell them they are going to hell :-o Now this is something I had never thought about before! I can't  really blame the  "bullies" in such a case, because  if they are raised that way they probably  believe they are correct...but  it's unfortunate they aren't taught more tact/acceptance  when  dealing with  other  children. I also wouldn't want my own kids to retaliate and tell religious children that they are wrong---just that everyone believes different things. Luckily I have a couple years to figure out how to handle this! I"d love  to find some sort of program I could do with the girls that teaches them about  all  the reglions of the world....   (Oh, and I  probably  should insert a disclaimer here that  I  don't want to start religious warfare in the comments on this post or anything haha....I am very accepting of everyone who is religious, whatever religion that may be....but I don't  need to be saved or anything.  Different  strokes for different folks I say ;-)

Ok, now on to a lighter topic! haha....wanna see what *I* did today?

and some of those  packages had 2 or 3 shirts in them!!!
On Saturday my parents took the girls for the day and Lee and  I  had to run to town (we ate out a child free lunch too---yum!) ....when I stopped by the fabric store to get some Etsy supplies I couldn't pass up a couple new fabrics to make the  girls some things for summer. Probably won't see these fabrics in my Etsy shop---they are all  mine :-)

I  think I'm going to make coordinating skirt/dress set in the  apple fabric ---the green
fabric is fun and lists different types of apples on it hehe...I'll  use that  for  trim and stuff. Then the
whales I thought  would be cute for Brielle---maybe take a hot pink tshirt and make a shirt dress with it.
The bottom right fabric will probably becomes skirts. I can't  wait for summer!!!!
And lastly, today Raya and  Daddy baked brownies :-)

The box on the counter is the mount for Lee's new  TV he bought yesterday. We now are proud owners of
a too big tv to mount above the fireplace downstairs haha. He  had bonus work money of some kind to spend,
and apparently didn't want  to lavish the money  upon me :-P  We are now also proud owners of some new "player" and 3D glasses haha. Apparently we will now be watching 3D movies in our basement. Bring your popcorn and stop on over :-)
Happy Sunday everyone!!! Buckle your seatbelts, another  wild week is ahead! :-)