Sunday, February 19, 2012

All I have to say is F--- YOU!

.....not *you* as in these freaking flu bug  germs that will not leave us alone!!! Seriously, this morning Raya  woke up complaining that  she didn't feel good but  since she had *just* been sick like a week ago I thought she was just faking....until she started puking on my floor :-( She proceeded to puke  about 5 times in less than 2 hours. Poor thing! My mom came and took Brielle for the day and Raya spent the day watching cartoons and helping me clean when she'd get little winds of energy. Thankfully she seems to be feelingmuch better tonight---can we please have these stupid germs LEAVE US ALONE now?!

While Raya  was resting, but feeling somewhat better, we did a pukey photoshoot lol. Clearly she was feeling better by this time and able to goof off a little! :-)

I knew Raya would be upset if sissy got to go to Grandma's without her so Lee snuck Brielle out of the house and then we told Raya that Brielle was at the doctor....all day LOL. She was so excited when Brielle came back...she gave her a big hug and said "you're my  best  friend!"  Too sweet.

Here is Brielle tonight--so far happy and healthy----but since I just recently had to pull Raya's sippy cup out of Brielle's mouth I don't have high hopes that Brielle will stay puke free for long! It's impossible to stop the spread of germs when you have two kids this young.

How stinkin' smoochable  is she?! Be still  my <3


  1. NO FUN! I hope raya feels better soon & that miss Brielle doesn't get sick

  2. I have to say when I read your first sentence I am in total agreement! The same is going through our house too! Spring can't get here soon enough :)

  3. It was sooooo nice to spend one on one time with my pretty little Brielle!!!!! Raya looked like she was feeling much better tonight, hopefully no one else gets it!!!! I just loved it when she hugged Brielle and tried to lift her off the floor while saying you are my best friend!!!!
    Grama F


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