Monday, February 6, 2012

Brielle's New Blanket!

So  as all my regular readers know, Raya has a special  owl blanket that  she sleeps with. My girls don't get blankets until they are one year  old (I choose  to use sleep sacks before then) and so when Raya turned 1 I ordered her an owl blanket off of Etsy. It's really nice and has a minky back  so it's really soft.

Well I  wanted  Brielle to have a sock monkey one, but I had a hard time finding one I like! Then I found the Etsy shop PaddyCake Designs and fell in love  with her personalized  blankies! Same size as Raya's and also backed in super soft minky  fabric. I had contemplated making my own blanket, and I"m sure I could have done something, but  in the end I decided my time was better spent making Etsy orders because my hourly rate working on my own sales is much better than the cost savings versus time it'd take me to make a blanket LOL.

In the end Kelly at PaddyCake Designs was able to let me send her all  my leftover fabrics from Brielle's birthday outfit, plus a cream sock  monkey  fabric  I had never used for anything yet, and she made this awesome quilt from the fabrics I  cute!

I  thought she  was  very reasonably  priced and she even gave me a discount since  I sent my own fabrics, so it  worked  out nicely! She was really quick less than 2 weeks!

She did a girlie rick rack trim on the top and  bottom

I feel a little badly now that  Raya's  is  kinda "plain"!! But she loves it :-)
In other news, last night  I didn't  have any Etsy orders that *had* to get done (thanks to my mom who babysat on Saturday so I could get a bunch of sewing done!) and wouldn't you know, instead of going to bed earlier  than midnight, like a normal person, I  used the evening instead to print off, cut out, and laminate some new tot school learning activities! I found a super cute  owl themed tot pack (I pinned in on sure to follow me there!) I also  printed off some activities from a Valentine's  Day themed tot pack.

Matching fruit  loop colors to the colored hearts

Complete the  pattern

Shadow matching

Eating the  fruit  loops :-P

She did great with the do-a-dot marker valentine page

This was really cute. There  were different shapes on each branch and also shapes on each owl belly...
so you matched the correct owl to each branch!
Lastly, yesterday my mom got Brielle  a doll kinda like Raya's baby Boo and baby Anna....because Raya  wasn't sharing! Well  Raya was *not* pleased when the new baby Dee Dee showed up! She cried and wailed and then as soon as Brielle dropped her Raya ran over and hoarded the new doll for herself!!! But  not before throwing poor  baby Boo to the wolves (aka Sissy)....thankfully  sissy didn't  care which doll she got, as long as she got one of them!

Thanks for baby Dee Dee!!! (My dad named this  doll....Dee Dee is in honor of them haha...since  both of their names
start with D)

Right after Dee Dee was dropped by Brielle. Raya was waiting to see if  I was going  to make her give  it back! lol

Baby Boo is now Brielle's I  guess!

The  evil  plotting big sister

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  1. Love Brielles new blanket!!!!! I also love the pic of Raya waiting to see if she has to give baby Dee Dee back!!!! Poor Brielle,you tell Raya pay backs are heck!!!!
    Grama F

  2. Love Brielle's blanket. I'll have to check out her shop the girls need nice blankets to sleep with

    Thanks for comment. The circle skirt was so easy to make. I made both the skirts during nap time

  3. LOVE Brietlle's new blanket! Super cute!

  4. I love all your crafts/activities you do with the girls! and I love the blanket!!


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