Monday, February 20, 2012

Bullet Points

* I'm really tired. The girls  usually go to bed between 7 and 8 (Brielle is already in bed, Raya is up watching her before bedtime show right now). Then I typically take a 30 minute break before heading down to my "sweat shop" to work on Etsy orders. Between sewing, listing/renewing, packaging orders to mail, messaging customers, etc. I stay up until 12-1am. Then I'm up again at 7am. I'm not sure 6 hours is enough sleep for me haha.

*Raya didn't puke at all today. However she fakes that she has to now--for attention. It's pretty funny.

* I got all the way to the post office today before I realized it was President's Day.

*Raya has started calling me "Mommy" makes me sad! She has *always* called me "Mama". I feel like now I'm a week away from "Mom" and then I will break down in tears lol. When I try to correct her and say "No, that's not my name! What's my name?" she says, "Shawna...So so (Sawyer) calls you Shawna!"   ....Guess I'll take Mommy over Shawna :-P

* Brielle is 13 months old and I never took her 12 month sock monkey pictures. Crap.

* I updated all my fabric pictures today. I have some new fabrics for spring. I'm especially excited about some of my new "boy" fabrics....I didn't have many choices before. You can see an album of fabric pictures on my shop's facebook page   ...and if you haven't "liked" my fb page yet please do! I have an upcoming giveaway planned---if the shop ever slows down a little I"m going to announce it on the fb page :-)

* I have been pinning tons of yummy looking food on my Pinterest boards but I have no desire to make them. I need a personal  chef.

* This weekend we switched our master bedroom dresser back  into our room (after the move to the new house we put it in Raya's room thinking we didn't need it). I looks really good back in our master again!

*Raya now points to the empty spot  where the dresser used  to be and tells me that's where her dollhouse is going (she's getting one for her birthday in May).

* Brielle choked  on a water bottle cap *Lee's* basement. He never picks up after his snacks down there. Tsk Tsk. Thankfully the cap was too large to actually swallow and I was able to dig it out of her mouth.

* The other day Raya modeled one of my new Etsy Shop  designs---a bunting shirt that comes either personalized or not--any fabrics/color scheme

* I just  got a custom order where I get to make 2 *adult* mustache shirts to match a little boy's birthday mustache shirt hehe. That will be fun :-)

* I'm going to go eat some Thin Mints....later!


  1. Ugh. Cael calls me "Mom" a lot of the time. It won't be long before I'm "Mother"... attitude and all!

    I love that you're making grown-up mustache shirts!

    1. I know! If they turn out cute I'll have to start selling child/adult "sets" LOL. This customer is sending me her own adult shirts to applique though...I don't really want to have to start stocking adult shirts--my closet is packed enough as it is! :-)

  2. Kaylee is getting a doll house for her birthday too.

    Happy 13 months Brielle

    I'm gonna try to make the bunting shirt for kaylee

    Im jealous that you have thin mints, those are my fav!! The girl scours have yet to come by our house!!!

    1. We've had 2 groups already to our house. This new neighborhood is packed with them haha. I bought 3 boxes from the first group and then 3 from the 2nd! They're probably telling all their friends what a sucker I am ;-)

  3. I headed to the P.O. today before realizing they were closed! :(

    How scary that she got a bottle cap stuck in her mouth! Glad you were able to get it out!!

    1. Glad I wasn't the only loser that went to the post office today! :-)

  4. No those girls are probably thinking, how can someone that thin eat all those cookies!!!! You know what makes me sad, Raya is not doing her weird smile anymore, she is posing like a big girl!!!
    Grama F

    1. I have to trick her into the nice smiles ---I have candy play peek a boo from behind the camera LOL

  5. Thin mints... I've already gone through 2 boxes. (Did I really just admit that?!?)

    Glad Raya is feeling better!

  6. I hope everyone is feeling better! I love the bunting shirt!! And girl, why does Etsy have to take up so much of our time??? It takes forever to list things, it will be the death of me and you I'm sure

    1. I know! It's way better than it used to be though...when I first started Etsy had it about 1000 times harder to list something!!!

  7. Lidia AND Carly are currently calling me MOM. Annnnd with that I want to have another baby so that babe will call me mama again :)

    Only joking!

  8. I went to the post office yesterday too... duuuuhhhh
    Marco calls me "mama" but to other people he says "my mom". It makes me a little weepy inside.
    Why are they so big already!?!? What's next... college? ahh.


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