Monday, February 13, 2012

A dramatic Re-enactment

So yesterday the girls got my stomach bug :-( Thankfully all that Brielle's amounted to was about 2 hours of constant screaming and then a scary looking diaper haha. Raya on the other hand begged to take a nap at 11am, even though Caillou was on....then when I  was tucking her in said "when I wake up my tummy will feel all better!"   (uh oh)  ....she continued to not  act right all afternoon and by evening had a fever and was feeling really sick. She ended up puking around 8pm and then luckily was able to go to bed and woke up feeling fine today...yay! So whatever it was didn't stick around  long. ...however both Brielle and I have runny noses now today, so our luck is that  a cold virus piggybacked on the flu bug. Seriously, our luck.

The big  milestone moment last night though was that  Raya USED THE PUKE BUCKET SUCCESSFULLY!!!!! This is a first people. Normally she gets me, my clothes, etc. before I can get her to use the bucket. Normally owl pillow and blanket end up in the washing machine. Normally everything is a mess!! But last night? She used the bucket and not a single mess at all!! Afterwards she was so proud of herself...we did  high fives and she kept saying "I not puke on Mama's shirt!!!" Oh, the little things :-)

So today we did a dramatic re-enactment for you all...enjoy!

Got the bucket!

Not feeling good (is  it  just me, or  does her  puke face look *just* like her "smile"? lol)

Puke! (just pretend :-)



She's a total  actress, don't ya think? :-)

Brielle is feeling better  today  too (and being goofy!)

So there you have  it---the germ fest continues! And now with a string of illnesses my house  is a complete mess haha. But don't worry, I got you covered! Some of nap time is specifically designated for blogging and Etsy orders, and I don't mess with the schedule :-) Now off to clean!! (Oh, but I did grocery shop over lunch too...if  by that you mean making a list and emailing it to Lee so that he can go to the store  after work LOL)  ....oh, and I  have been reading  all  my blogs still, but if  I haven't been commenting on yours  it's because I was sidetracked by germs and filth :-P

I'll throw out a few more randoms for everyone to end....later!


  1. I think those sick germs have made it to my house! Both Keira & I aren't feeling so hot!

  2. Raya is totally ready for Broadway!
    Glad you guys are *sorta* feeling better!

  3. Love the puke bucket reinactment!!!!!
    Grama F


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