Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion Friday (and tunnels :-)

First up, Fashion Friday--my favorite day of the week! hehe. Today Brielle gets to be our model--isn't she cute?

Long time readers may remember this cute  camo tulle  skirt from Brielle's 6 month photo session :-) Unfortunately  it was the last outfit we did that day so we didn't  really get great pics of her  in it though.

So anyways, my petite girl can still easily  wear this 12 month skirt....and it's very cute don't you think!?  It's from Children's Place (and so are the cream ruffle bottom leggings)

And so Fashion Friday today I  am featuring  Children's Place! Is there  any parent in the world who doesn't shop there? Probably not haha. However  if you aren't a regular shopper there you should know the golden rule of shopping at Children's Place--there are ALWAYS coupons to be found and NEVER buy anything not on sale. Everything there goes on sale. And early. I swear it's only full price for the first couple weeks haha. The only thing I've ever bought there full price actually is the camo skirt! I broke  my own cardinal rule--but I wanted it for pictures and needed it right  away. I'm pretty sure a couple weeks later it was already on sale and I was mad at myself :-P

Some of my favorite  items right now there would have  to be this floral dress , this ruffle covered purple swimsuit , these adorable blue and pink  striped ballet flats , and these apple sunglasses !!

For boys (if  I had them) I like this seersucker blazer , all  their plaid shirts , and these cute little  baseball socks

So go shopping! :-P

Here is Brielle modeling again, just because she's so darn cute!

Making funny faces

Raya  was not impressed that Brielle was a one trick pony with her funny face LOL

Also, in case you haven't seen my sibling Easter set, here it is :-)  Can be purchased HERE  ...set can be any combo of brother/sister  or big/little  brother or big/little sister etc.

And then I also have a new personalized chick shirt version (boy or girl) ...can be purchased HERE

And finally today, as I said yesterday I went to Ikea! I saw this play  tunnel for cheap and since it would match the girls' room perfectly I got it for them.  They love it! It's actually much nicer/thicker/sturdier than other play tunnels I've seen. Folds up tiny too!

Hugs for Minnie :-)


  1. I love the children's place. Brielle is looking cute as always. I need to find a tunnel for the girls

    1. Thanks! Yes, I bet your girls would love a tunnel too :-)

  2. That tunnel looks like so much fun! And I love Children's Place as well! I can't wait for Trace to wear plaid shorts this summer!

    P.S. I just went on my first summer-kids-clothes online shopping spree. Can't wait for summer!

    1. I'm jealous!!! I will admit to occasionally looking through the girls' summer clothes longingly ;-)

  3. What a CUTE camo skirt!!!!!!! LOVE!

    And, I love the girls' rooms! They are so springy and happy!!!

  4. That tunnel looks really cute in the girls room, wait until Sawyer and Harper see that!!!! Brielle is just so darn pretty!!! I have to quit saying that because it makes it sound like I think she is prettier than Raya, it's just that we all know how dang cute Raya is!!!!!
    Grama F

  5. Ha! I'm probably the only person that doesn't shop at Children's Place! The sizes fit so weird on my girls. One size is too big, the next size down is too small. Ive tried numerous times to shop there but it is always a big fat fail. Bummer.

    The tunnel looks super cute & the models playing in it are even cuter! :)

    1. haha...Well I will agree that Raya right now is getting to a tough size there....b/c the little sizes only go up to 4T for most things and they run a little she's starting to move up to the big girl sizes, but many of those things are way too long. So there are only certain items that work there right now for her!

  6. Ok girlfriend you HAVE to give me pointers on making some cute onesies! Do you sew them on or are they iron-on? Im totally buying matching easter shirts for the girls from you. Probably next week :) LOVE THEM!


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