Friday, February 3, 2012

Fashion Friday! Love for Me & Ko

Ok, judge me all  you want, but as a rule Raya doesn't pick  out her  own clothes. Necessary life  skill my butt :-P I decided long ago that  she can  pick  out her pjs and socks/underwear...Mama picks  out her  clothes! It  wouldn't  bother me one bit  if she's a teenager and still  asking me to put together her outfits lol....although I think we all  know that the day will  come much sooner  than that, so I might as well  enjoy it as long as I can! Thankfully Raya doesn't question this arrangement at all. It just goes without saying that I pick out her clothes.

However today I  decided could be a special treat...we weren't going anywhere and so I let her  pick out her own outfit LOL. She actually  didn't do too bad...the headband even kinda matched! :-)
She picked out a dress  that is still  much too big!

I taught her a new modeling pose lol...she  was fascinated with getting those
chubby little legs to cross! ;-)

I  asked  Raya what she wanted to tell you all about her Fashion Friday outfit  of choice. She told me "I like the skirt" and "my favorite color  is Baby Bop!" take her fashion savy advice and put together  an outfit this weekend---I dare ya ;-)

For our "real" Fashion Friday I  am featuring the company Me & Ko today...I love their dresses! They don't have a website that I am aware of but you can usually find their  dress in nice department stores (Von Maur, Macy's, etc.) or in a variety of online stores if you just google it.

We  have only owned *one* Me & Ko dress, but I"d love  to own more! They are pricey (around $50) but you can sometimes find them on clearance (the one we have I paid $20 for). Their  claim to fame I'd say is the ruffles and how SOFT they are. Seriously, the softest things ever. Many children with sensory issues wear this brand from what I've read.

Here was Raya wearing our dress for Christmas a couple years  back.  It looked way cuter without the long sleeve shirt layered underneath, but this was the first picture I found of her in it :-P

One of the  more  current  dresses I'm lusting  over is this one

Suri  is  even a fan of  Me & Ko  dresses! :-)

(And as a quick  side note, when looking for pictures to share I  discovered this blog dedicated to Suri's fashion! haha. I've always thought she was the most  beautiful celebrity kid. Check  out the Suri blog if you're like me and fascinated lol)

Want something  with  a Me & Ko  flare, but  for MUCH LESS?! Well yesterday I had  to run to Walmart and saw these new spring shirts they have out. The ruffle details are very similiar to the ones on Me & Ko dresses! I let Raya  pick one out for her and Brielle....only $5 :-) Raya picked  an icecream cone...go figure!

Also for Fashion Friday, we've got another installment of Mama's Style :-P Yesterday the girls and I went to the mall  with my mom and Sawyer and Harper so I actually had  reason to wear "real" clothes. Remember that cute  yellow  top I got at the Old Navy Outlet this past weekend? Well  as you can see it's another of my favorite style....the off the shoulder baggy, but  cute look. And I used to always hate wearing yellow, but I think that might be my favorite color for spring! (Don't you love my girls' shower  curtain as a fashionable backdrop? lol)

I  like the button details on the shoulder

Proof that  I have a face, and a camera doesn't just  sit on a stub of a neck :-P Also, breaking out the dangly earrings haha.
I"m not a fashionista I rocking the '80s or '90s here?! I'm not sure :-P
Brielle was  left  out of Fashion Friday....but here  she  is wearing one of the very first things I ever made  for Raya to wear---I crocheted  a flower and stuck  in on a shirt! lol. I've come a long ways since then I think ;-) But  it  felt Valentiney so  I thought we'd pull it out for a day :-P

Now that  Brielle  is walking (and talking! She's  been talking up a storm this  last week!!)
I  feel like her and  Raya have been fighting more. Brielle  is starting to stand up for herself
and Raya is *not* happy about it haha. Here was Raya trying to make sissy move out of the chair....

Brielle basically  cussed  her out (in baby talk :-P)

And before I  knew it I  was  taking a picture of Brielle falling backwards because Raya  pushed her! oops.

This crying episode was a different  occassion of her tantruming...I  wouldn't take a picture of her  actually  in pain :-P
But  I love  how she's keeping one eye open here....just to make sure I  am watching her hissy fit!

Oh, in Etsy news, a couple  "oldies but goodies" have been revamped ....a customer the other day wanted to make  my "camo cutie" shirt  and have  it s ay "big  sister"  instead, for her twin girls. So  we came up with a light pink/ hot pink  version for them and I think it turned out cute! Check  out the camo big sister listing

And  as a sneak  peek, here ya go :-)

And as an aside, shirts like the one above are quite  difficult to do! Sometimes I think about how nice it'd be to have an embroidery machine...ya know, just buy a design, stick  it in the machine, let it do most the work, etc. Certainly I'm sure there is still a degree of skill  involved in that....but at the same  time I LOVE creating my designs completely on my own.  I sketch out my  ideas, hand cut out each individual letter and stitch it  on, etc. My shirts might be a little  higher priced than some on Etsy but it's  important to realize the time involved  with some of my creations! You are definitely  buying something unique and one-of-a kind when you shop with me and I always get  a nice  ego  boost  every time someone buys something from me  because I  totally made that! :-)

Another  example is the "Chick  Magnet"  shirt  I just did last  night! This was a big  seller  for me around Easter and someone ordered it the other day which was awesome because I had the chance to revamp it  now that I machine stitch instead of hand stitch. It turned out so cute!!! This is another  time intensive  design but it's  soooo adorable and detailed, you won't be disappointed by it!!! Check  out it's  Etsy listing here

And lastly, Aunt Emily....I officially hate you and this f-ing makeup kit!!! LOL. By the way, I have decided what I'm getting Harper for her birthday ;-)  (And yes, I did suggest makeup as an idea so Emily is not really to blame, but I like to anyways :-P)

I turned  my back  to empty the dishwasher, after explaining that the  makeup was only to
be put on HER LIPS...and turned back around to see this on her  arm

I guess in her defense *some* did make it to her lips!


  1. You never know, Shawna... in a few years, Raya's pink-cheeked lipstick look might be on the runways in Milan...

    1. LOL...she's a real trend setter! ;-)

  2. Rayas dress is cute & I love that picture of her crossing her leg! The shirt that Brielle is wearing is one of my favs that you've made.

    1. Ha! Well maybe I need to try some more crochet embellishments for my shirts some time :-)

      I know, her trying to cross her leg was crackin' me up!

  3. I love the pic with the girls facing each other in the chair, soooooo cute. Also Raya crossing her legs is adorable!!! The revamped shirts turned out really cute!
    Grama F


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