Friday, February 17, 2012

Fashion Friday

So today I am excited  to show you all the newest design at No Paparazzi Please  ---just in time for spring and Easter is this adorable CUTE CHICK shirt! Can also be done on a white onesie, with pink  wording.

If you are interested in purchasing this shirt it  can be found HERE   You can also  find the boy CHICK MAGNET version HERE

Flying like an airplane LOL

As a general  Etsy shop update, business has continued to be strong---like REALLY strong. As in due to the basics of  supply and demand I will be slowly raising some of my prices because  I'm selling just about more than I can make! 23 orders in the last  7 days, many of those for multiple shirts. It's so cool to know that everyone loves my stuff  so much! So if there is something in my shop that  you've been eyeing then you should definitely purchase it soon, while the prices are still at their lowest :-)

I don't believe I've shared this here yet, but here is Sawyer modeling one of my St. Patrick's day tie shirts

I've also got a shamrock  fabric  tie version on a black  shirt that  has been extremely popular. Only $10 for these! If you want to buy  they can be found HERE

Speaking of tie shirts, how adorable is my nephew Ryan in this tie onesie I made him?! Megan shared  the picture and I  couldn't help but giggle---he looks like a man passed out after a big Thanksgiving dinner, doesn't he?! ;-)

Lastly, to end this Fashion Friday post, I scored some $1 awesome deals at my favorite 2nd hand store yesterday! At $1 the clothes are practically disposable lol. Just a couple highlights were a gymboree  corduroy dress for $1 and a gymboree cropped sweater for $1---original store tags still attached! A baby gap ruffled skirt and a Children's Place sequin vest--$1 with tags still attached! It just  kept getting better and better as I dug through the racks. The real gem though was a PUmpkin Patch puffer vest for Brielle next winter---tags still attached and only  $3! That would  have been a good $35+ in the store.

I let Raya  put together an  outfit  from her "new" stuff. She has on an Old Navy thermal dress, like new for $1...and the $1 brand new Children's Place vest :-)

Only a couple pics of Brielle because  she doesn't  sit still! But I found this precious wool baby gap dress for $3 and couldn't  pass it up. Since  Brielle is so petite I hope it fits her next year. For only  $3 it was worth the risk ;-) I love it's vintage feel.

It has  little  blue embroidery details and a pleated  front hehe

And while I took pictures of Brielle Raya FREAKED that the attention was off of her. "Tis the life of a drama queen.

Notice how quickly the tears turn  off and the smile comes back, when it's her turn again LOL

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. like the new chick shirt, to cute and what awesome deals you scored at the second hand store. I need to go check out the one we have and see what I can score.

    thank you for the comment. She is much better today, happy and playing so thats good!

    Have a great weekend

  2. Love Raya going from throwing a fit to smiling!!! I think she is going to be a model!!!! I love that wool dress on my pretty little blue eyed Brielle!!!!!! The chick shirt is adorable!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. Shawna, where did you find that yellow tutu skirt Raya is wearing? I LOVE it!!! My daughter needs one.

    1. Gymboree--my dad found it second-hand! Tea for Two line :-)


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