Monday, February 6, 2012

I confess....

* I  often wear my jeans 3 days in a row before washing them.
* Sometimes I deliberately  wait to take my shower when Lee gets home, just so that I can have a 10 minute vacation from the girls.
* When I was in 4th or 5th grade I stole a single bath bead from a store display. Then I felt so cool when I smashed it on the sidewalk outside.
* I don't wash bedsheets in our house  nearly  as often as is recommended.
* I'm long overdue to  go to the  dentist and keep putting it off because I don't want to be lectured.
* Lunch for the girls is a rotation of chicken nuggets, mac n cheese, hot dogs, peanut butter, and grilled  cheese. I don't want to waste cooking real meals on lunch and I'm happy eating a deli sandwich every day.
* I often let items live in the  dishwasher for days until they come out clean, rather than give in to hand washing. Once I even threw glasses away and bought new because they wouldn't  come clean.
* When Lee  and I  are too wore  out to give the girls baths/shower I convince Raya that it's  "special lotion night" and she gets to put on my lotion instead, which makes her *almost* as happy.
* I  love having the  entire bed to myself when Lee is gone....even though I still  only sleep on my little sliver of the king bed regardless.
* Raya watches at least 2 hours of TV every day.
*Sometimes I  clean my house by piling  everything into our bedroom and shutting the door.
* I  update Facebook  way too often and surely drive people crazy.
* 95% of the time "getting ready" for me includes only a quick pony tail, foundation, and mascara. I've been known to skip even  that and just throw a hat on my head  to run to the store.
* I can often be found  wearing socks that  have holes in them.
* In high school  I got fired from a summer babysitting job because I let boys  in the house and someone told on me.
* I miss lunch hour chatting from when I worked outside the home.
* I've put dirty socks back  on the girls before after bath. Those damn tiny baby socks are constantly getting misplaced.
* I've  threatened Raya with  timeout if she didn't leave a hair pretty in.
* Sometimes I  fake cry just so that Raya will  stop what she's  doing to give  me hugs and  kisses.
* I *do* have a favorite  child....and who  it  is depends on the day you ask me!
* Some of the things  that annoyed me about daycare I actually do myself now  as a SAHM.
* Some days I think I'd be happy stopping with 2 kids. Other days I wish Lee would  agree to 4.
* I gave up my breakfast time this morning in order to write this post for you :-)


  1. loved this :) i do a lot of these things too. LOL!!!

  2. this is great, its like we're the same people! We have a lot in common...LOL

  3. Umm... a LOT of these things are totally me, too!! It must be a SAHM thing!

  4. This is great... and I do a lot of these too. No shame, girl!

  5. Sounds pretty normal to me!!!
    Grama F

  6. Sounds about right!!

    PS- I loved your schedule board and post. Looks great!


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